Atheists Give Brave Teen Scholarship for Standing Up to School

When Jessica Ahlquist sued her Rhode Island High School to get a prayer mural taken down, she got a lot of shit — including from state lawmakers. But now, an atheist group has given her a big gesture of support — a $40,000 scholarship. » 2/20/12 5:00pm 2/20/12 5:00pm

New Creationism-Themed Amusement Park Seeks Tax Breaks

A for-profit company and the non-profit behind the Creation Museum plan to build a creationism theme park in Kentucky by 2014. However, some question if the park, which includes a life-size Noah's Ark replica, should receive tax breaks for tourism. » 12/03/10 1:04pm 12/03/10 1:04pm

Abstinence-Only Ed Doesn't Work; Doesn't Belong In Healthcare Bill

You know how Obama recently cut funding to abstinence-only education programs, and we all rejoiced? Yeah, well, don't get too comfortable. » 10/28/09 1:40pm 10/28/09 1:40pm

Bible Banners Banned From Georgia School

A Georgia school district has ruled that cheerleaders can no longer display Bible verses on banners during football games. But locals are angry — one says, "God tells us to be bold. That is a way of being bold." [LAT] » 10/12/09 3:30pm 10/12/09 3:30pm