Octavia Spencer Takes Sensa Diet Company to Trial for Lies and Money

Actress Octavia Spencer, former spokesperson for the weight-loss drug Sensa, sued the company for backpay and is now headed to court. » 7/22/14 12:40pm 7/22/14 12:40pm

Octavia Spencer Sues Weight Loss Company for Acting Super Shady

After Octavia Spencer won her Oscar, she was approached to endorse a weight loss product called Sensa. Only because Octavia Spencer is Octavia Spencer, she promoted the product as ethically as possible, making her compensation from Sensa publicly known. That honesty was apparently too much for Sensa: according to a… » 8/29/13 12:50pm 8/29/13 12:50pm

The Ultimate Sensa Diet Sprinkles Supercut

The brilliant folks at Everything Is Terrible have cut together some television ads/infomercials for Sensa, a product that advises you to sprinkle the drug onto your food in order to drop pounds. We had a laugh at the ridiculously dated commercial until we realized that it's a real product that's still being sold.… » 8/11/11 5:10pm 8/11/11 5:10pm