Anna Kendrick's Rule for Naked Selfies: 'Clean Your Room' 

Anna Kendrick popped by Conan Wednesday night, and she had some useful advice for people snapping nude photos of themselves: "Listen, naked selfie your life away. Go do your thing. But clean your room." » 2/12/15 11:10am 2/12/15 11:10am

American Sisters Arrested For Taking Butt Selfies in Cambodian Temple

Two sisters from Arizona were arrested and sentenced to deportation on Saturday after attempting to take "nude pictures" of themselves in Cambodia's Preah Khan temple. » 2/09/15 6:30pm 2/09/15 6:30pm

Indonesians to Muslim Cleric: We'll Take Selfies If We Want to!

You might think selfies are annoying, but at least no one is saying your duck face is a sin. In Indonesia, a Muslim cleric named Felix Siauw recently declared selfies prideful and arrogant, kicking off a national backlash in the form of Instagram flexing. » 1/29/15 6:10pm 1/29/15 6:10pm

Nev Schulman Takes an 'Ugly Selfie' That Is Neither Ugly Nor a Selfie

It was only in September that our friend Nev Schulman took the brave, bold step of declaring the elevator he happened to be riding in, "abuse free," a direct reference to NFL player Ray Rice assaulting his then-fiancé in an elevator. » 1/27/15 5:10pm 1/27/15 5:10pm

Study: Men Who Post Tons of Selfies Have Psychopathic Tendencies

Vindication is yours! If you've been demanding that your friends put down the selfie stick and stop posting every goddamn photo of themselves online because it's probably a sign of severe mental illness, you've finally got some research to back all of that up. It appears that people who post lots of selfies score… » 1/07/15 6:20pm 1/07/15 6:20pm

The Future is Now: We Are ThisClose to Hot and Heavy 3D Sexting

What a time to be alive! If you're already proficient in sexting and getting a little bored by the process of sending nudes and typing out phrases such as "my dick is so hard I am currently lifting a bucket of water with it as I think of you," you're about to have your life changed. Imagine sexts, but with 3D printing. » 1/05/15 10:10am 1/05/15 10:10am

This Guy Can't Help Falling for His Sister's Adorable "Selfie Prank" 

You know how sometimes you take videos when you mean to take selfies on accident and then watch them and want to die a thousand deaths as frame by frame of you getting ready to take a picture rolls by? Me neither. That's the premise of this prank, though, and this dude falls for it EVERY TIME. » 1/01/15 2:46pm 1/01/15 2:46pm

Three-Year-Old Takes 677 Selfies in a Row Because This Is Life Now

Imagine you're a parent with a charming 3-year-old. From time to time, you allow said child to hold your phone and play with it because it's either that or listen to a screaming 3-year-old cry because they want to play with your phone. Imagine now that after you give your phone to your lovely child you discover she… » 12/16/14 10:55pm 12/16/14 10:55pm

Emma Stone and David Letterman Definitely Know How to Take a Selfie

Despite the fact that Emma Stone just learned what a selfie was "a couple months ago" (???), she and David Letterman looked like true professionals on Monday night, as they cuddled up and took a few together. It's so beautiful to see two people helping one another learn about new technologies. » 12/16/14 12:30pm 12/16/14 12:30pm

Just in Time for Christmas: Of Course There's a Selfie Boardgame

Well, it looks like our socially acceptable narcissism has hit really hit its consumerist stride. Introducing, Selfie: The Game of Silly Expressions! It's like Apples to Apples, but with your face instead of words. No dignity necessary! » 12/06/14 1:15pm 12/06/14 1:15pm

North Carolina School District Wants to Ban Selfies

It's always a relief to know your local school board officials are diligently pursuing everything they can possibly do to make sure your kids have the best education possible. In the case of one North Carolina school, that includes banning selfies, apparently. » 12/03/14 12:30pm 12/03/14 12:30pm

​South Korea Is Outlawing Knock-Off "Selfie Sticks"

In South Korea, if your selfie game is strong, it might be because you own a selfie stick, that is, a monopod (pole) that you attach your phone to in order to take a selfie from a distance farther than, um, an arm's length away. But soon, selling the wrong kind of selfie stick could lead to a serious fine or up to… » 11/29/14 12:30pm 11/29/14 12:30pm

One Directioner So Over Selfies With Fans, He's Actually in Pain

Step 1: Grab phone angrily; Step 2: Fake Smile; Step 3: Look like you're about to die; Step 4: Repeat over and over until you forget why you wanted this in the first place. Liam Payne is in so much pain. » 11/27/14 1:53pm 11/27/14 1:53pm

Here's Kirsten Dunst in a Short Film About How We Selfie Now

Kirsten Dunst made a short film with Vs. Magazine about the way people interact with her and other celebrities in the dawn of the Selfie Era. » 9/29/14 11:20am 9/29/14 11:20am

Selfie Loathing: Hilary Swank and John Kerry Are Americans in Paris

Stevie Nicks Is Having An Art Show For Her Vintage Selfies

Stevie Nicks has a lot of old Polaroids of herself, so many that she will showcase some of the best images in a gallery — like a parade of vintage selfies. As with anything else Stevie Nicks-related, we are selecting our best scarves and flowing dresses in addition to practicing a chant to release unto the goddess… » 9/19/14 4:15pm 9/19/14 4:15pm

'Bumpie' Is the Pregnancy Bump-Selfie Combo of Your Nightmares

It's hard to blame a lady for wanting to document her pregnancy. Growing a new person inside your tummy is probably one of the most insane-yet-somehow-natural things a woman can do, so it's understandable if she wants to snap some pics throughout the process. The only time she should ever be judged is if she refers to… » 9/15/14 7:00pm 9/15/14 7:00pm