Pimps Use Alessandra Ambrosio's Image To Sell Actual Sex

Politicians in Queens, New York are trying to ban the distribution on the street of cards advertising prostitution. Thus far unnoticed: Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio's image being used on some of them. We're going to take a wild guess and suppose Ambrosio's unaware of this. » 3/28/11 4:16pm 3/28/11 4:16pm

Swedish Royal Family Caught Up In Silly Nazi Past

As though elk-hunt threesomes and sex romps weren't enough, the Swedish royal family is being rocked by another scandal: their Nazi past. » 12/02/10 1:18pm 12/02/10 1:18pm

"Fauxting:" How Young People Avoid Human Interaction

"There's a silent epidemic making the rounds at my college," writes Charlotte Steinway. And it can't be treated with a pill, because it's "fauxting," wherein people pretending to be engaged with technology to avoid social interaction. » 5/03/10 4:40pm 5/03/10 4:40pm

More Than We Really Needed To Know About The Edwards Sex Tape (And It's…

Politician author and former-faux-baby-daddy Andrew Young, with wife Cheri, faced Oprah's patented moral outrage today. And Cheri had no qualms about describing the alleged Edwards-Hunter sex tape. Warning: your brain may require a light scrubbing. » 2/24/10 5:40pm 2/24/10 5:40pm

Mark Sanford: Jerk - But Principled Jerk

In what the Edwards family can only regard as divine intervention, Fascinating Person Jenny Sanford's new PR blitz sticks Mark squarely back in the dog-house: » 2/03/10 12:00pm 2/03/10 12:00pm

"What Was The Worst Part?" How To Measure A Sex Scandal

In our hyper-competitive society, it's natural that everyone should want to be the best. Or the worst! 'It's worse than Eliot Spitzer!' Mark Sanford's son allegedly exclaimed of his father's affair. But that's nothing compared to Edwards! Or Ted Haggard! » 2/01/10 4:30pm 2/01/10 4:30pm

Elizabeth Edwards Leaving John; John Complete Tool

According to such unimpeachable sources as People, Perez Hilton and The View, Elizabeth Edwards is leaving her husband John - now that the rest of the world knows he likes the Dave Matthews Band (and other shameful revelations): » 1/27/10 12:00pm 1/27/10 12:00pm

"It's Time To Tell:" Many Keep Childhood Abuse A Secret Forever

When Mo'Nique dedicated her Golden Globe to victims of abuse on Sunday, she said, "it's now time to tell." But a disturbing percentage of victims never reveal their history. » 1/22/10 9:30am 1/22/10 9:30am

Monday Morning QBs: Diagnosing The Edwards Marriage

Since the world learned that Elizabeth Edwards is, in fact, not a saint but a monster, the internet fur has been flying. And the Daily Beast has yet another narrative for us: » 1/12/10 3:20pm 1/12/10 3:20pm

They're Onto You: Details Discovers Women Secretly Trying To Get…

We got a number of distressed emails about a recent piece in Details. Possibly because the description read, "Getting tricked into fatherhood by a woman hell-bent on getting pregnant is much more common than you think." Good to know! » 10/23/09 5:00pm 10/23/09 5:00pm

Teen Version Of The Secret To Fulfill Ill-Advised Adolescent Fantasies

A teen version of The Secret is coming out in the fall, which will help teens to "live their dreams." If this had been out ten years ago, John Cusack and I would have several kids by now. [AP] » 7/23/09 10:40am 7/23/09 10:40am

Dov Charney May Be More Of A Scumbag Than Anyone Realized

We didn't think we could still use the words "shocked" and "Dov Charney" in the same sentence, but if true, the latest revelation about American Apparel's Chief Executive Sleaze is truly horrifying. According to legal journal "On Point News", when the latest in a string of female employees, Mary Nelson, charged… » 10/29/08 3:20pm 10/29/08 3:20pm