President Obama Will Probs Choose John Kerry To Be Next Secretary of…

Yesterday's ousting of Secretary of State frontrunner Susan Rice, after Republican senators argued that she'd mismanaged the attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, meant that POTUS' alleged favorite candidate to succeed Hillary Clinton was no longer an option. » 12/15/12 4:30pm 12/15/12 4:30pm

Republican Senators Successfully Bullied Susan Rice Into Withdrawing…

Susan Rice, the American ambassador to the U.N. who was expected to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, just withdrew her name from consideration because a ton of Republican Senators thought she mishandled the Benghazi terror attacks and probably weren't going to let up about it anytime soon. Obama accepted … » 12/13/12 5:50pm 12/13/12 5:50pm

Articles About Hillary Clinton's Hair Are Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Hillary Clinton has worn many hats during her political career — First Lady, Presidential candidate, and Secretary of State, and half of one of the most brilliant political couples of the last century, to name a few. But today, we're going to toss aside all that accomplishment and talk about her fucking hair again,… » 11/29/12 12:05pm 11/29/12 12:05pm

Hillary Clinton's UN Doodles Clearly a Window Into Her Innermost…

Birds do it. Bees do it. Secretaries of State hearing UN pleas do it. Yesterday, a photographer caught Hillary Clinton aimlessly drawing on her speech notes during a UN Security Council meeting on the Middle East peace process. The situation is grim, shooting, suffering etc., but all of that starts to run together… » 9/28/12 12:45pm 9/28/12 12:45pm

Hillary Clinton Never Sweats, Is Probably Superhuman

While it's a fairly well-accepted fact that GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney's strange behavior is best explained by the theory that he's actually an advanced humanlike robot controlled remotely by a crazed billionaire villain in a volcano lair, Hillary Clinton has largely escaped similar Replicant scrutiny. But… » 8/15/12 10:20am 8/15/12 10:20am

Tina Brown-Style "Tide Of Trivialization" Threatens To Swamp Clinton Trip

Tina Brown continued her belittlement campaign against Hillary Clinton today, telling Morning Joe that Clinton "needs to get back in the gym." Will this "tide of trivialization," as the Times' Judith Warner calls it, keep Clinton from doing her job? » 8/13/09 9:30am 8/13/09 9:30am