Internet Solves Grandma's Secret Code 18 Years After Her Death

Earlier this week, Janna Holm posted images of a coded note card that her grandmother had created just before her death 18 years ago. Holm was certain that her grandmother, who died of cancer, was using these cards to communicate in some kind of secret code, but neither she nor her siblings could figure it out. When… »1/25/14 1:00pm1/25/14 1:00pm


Armpit Sock Puppets Will Grope You and Discuss Racism While Hawking Deodorant

Jenni Pulos and her pair of sock puppets would like to pounce on you in an urban jungle and mercilessly hawk some new Secret Outlast deodorant while also groping your breasts. Is that cool? Doesn't matter! Jenni Pulos and her puppets will do it anyway because they need to tell you the good news — disliking white… »10/09/12 4:00pm10/09/12 4:00pm

Secretary of Secrets: Hillary Clinton Didn't Say a Thing to Bill About the Bin Laden Raid

Hillary Clinton does pretty much everything perfectly, so it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that she's good at keeping secrets. Yet Bill Clinton revealed yesterday on The Ellen Degeneres Show that Hillary managed to keep the planned raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound on complete and total lockdown from him: »5/03/12 11:15pm5/03/12 11:15pm

Is Madonna's Louis Vuitton Ad Worth The Hype?

  • First peek at Madonna's much-hyped, possibly exorbitant Louis Vuitton ad: the Steven Meisel shot features Madge in a Parisianish bistro, striking some unladylike poses. [Just Jared]
  • Carine Roitfeld denies that she's replacing the nuclear Wintour: “I’m very happy at Vogue France.” [WWD]
  • Naomi Campbell: "“I’m getting to…
  • »12/04/08 11:30am12/04/08 11:30am