Watch Tina Fey in a Weird Banana-Themed Improv Sketch From 1997

Let's take a trip back to 1997, when Tina Fey was performing improv as part of Chicago's Second City. In this video, Fey imitates the calm, soothing tones of a WBEZ host (named Lynn Mahevic) who waxes poetic about the cultural significance of the banana and "its place in religion and history and art—its resonance in… »12/18/14 6:50pm12/18/14 6:50pm


Women Dramatize Grindr Pickup Lines and It's Pretty Hilarious

If you've been following Ladies Looking, Second City's series of videos of women reading the gay hook-up messages that creator Tim Paul has received, you already know what you're about to see is both hilarious and educational. If you haven't seen the series yet, you should buckle in and prepare for a bumpy ride. »12/10/14 10:15pm12/10/14 10:15pm

Ladies Read Cringe-Worthy Messages From Gay Hook-Up Sites

I don't know what's more awkward here, the content of some of these messages—"I want to cum in your beard"—or the spelling and grammar typos that abound when one is looking frenziedly for someone to host, but it's hilarious when the women of Second City read messages from some of the most popular gay sex apps aloud. »2/15/14 12:05pm2/15/14 12:05pm