Ladies Read Cringe-Worthy Messages From Gay Hook-Up Sites

I don't know what's more awkward here, the content of some of these messages—"I want to cum in your beard"—or the spelling and grammar typos that abound when one is looking frenziedly for someone to host, but it's hilarious when the women of Second City read messages from some of the most popular gay sex apps aloud. » 2/15/14 12:05pm 2/15/14 12:05pm

Is This Comedy Monologue A Rape Confession? [UPDATED]

What do you call it when you misrepresent yourself as someone's desired partner, don't listen when she repeatedly tells you to leave, come uninvited into her room and penetrate her while she just lies there? Well, at a recent New York City improv festival, this guy, who by his own account did just that, called it… » 8/26/11 11:40am 8/26/11 11:40am