See-Through Shoes and a Seahorse Brooch at the Disconnect Screening

Last night at a screening of Disconnect, that new movie that seems to have approximately one zillion characters and storylines, there were two kinds of looks on the red carpet: Those embracing the sweetness and light of Spring… and those sticking to all black everything. Also: Winona! » 4/09/13 12:30pm 4/09/13 12:30pm

Demi & Ashton Fight Cheating Rumors With Snuggly Twitpics

Gaga Plays John Lennon's Famous White Piano

Sean Lennon Tweeted: "With gaga at mom's house, she's belting on the white piano..." We'd like to think Yoko Ono joined in for an "Alejandro" duet. » 7/09/10 1:28pm 7/09/10 1:28pm

Madonna, Lourdes And Gwynnie Learn Hard Lessons Last Night

The 2nd Annual Bent on Learning Benefit at The Puck Building attracted Madonna and Lourdes, Gwynnie and Byride, and Sean Lennon too. "Learning," we don't know about - but the "bent" was certainly creatively interpreted... » 4/29/10 10:30am 4/29/10 10:30am

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Chanel Takes A Roll In The Hay

No, literally. Lagerfeld's countrified models writhed in haystacks and walked the runway with a side of hayseed. Whatever the opinions of Rihanna, Claudia and the other front-row staples, one thing's for sure: it's impossible to know what Prince was thinking. » 10/06/09 2:40pm 10/06/09 2:40pm

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