Fox News Guest Says President Obama Committed 'Verbal Rape' 

Frequent Fox News guest Star Parker accused President Obama of committing "verbal rape" against Christians during the National Prayer Breakfast, wording was so inflammatory that none other than Geraldo Rivera, who was on the panel next to her, yelped "Yikes!" You know you're overdoing it hyperbole-wise when even… » 2/10/15 12:45pm 2/10/15 12:45pm

Lindsay and Dina Lohan Sue Fox News Over Coke Comments

Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina are suing Fox News, Sean Hannity and Michelle Fields for defamation based on a comment Fields made on Hannity's show last February. » 2/03/15 11:50am 2/03/15 11:50am

Hannity Flips His Shit After His Colleagues Name Him 'Worst of Fox'

Last week, our friends over at Mediaite sent out a survey to "several dozen" cable news hosts from Fox, CNN, and MSNBC asking them to, with complete anonymity, nominate their colleagues as Best and Worst Hosts. Over at Fox, things did not fare well for the poor lad Sean Hannity. » 12/23/14 12:50pm 12/23/14 12:50pm

Houston's Lesbian Mayor Is Getting Flooded With Protest Bibles

Houston mayor Annise Parker has been sent between 500 and 1,000 Bibles at her home, part of a bizarre protest effort orchestrated by Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz, and with enthusiastic support from Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. That quartet of geniuses claims that Parker, Houston's first openly gay mayor, is spearheading… » 10/29/14 12:50pm 10/29/14 12:50pm

Colbert: 'Apparently Kid' Is Coming for America's News Professionals

Redheaded five-year-old news prodigy Noah Ritter continued his takeover of the American media last night, getting his very own Colbert Report segment. The theme? This kid is fully qualified to seize any TV journalism gig he wants. "He's already breaking the story of how the super slide is half death-scaring our… » 8/07/14 10:40am 8/07/14 10:40am

Occupy Wall Street's Spokesman Is for Sale on

How about a walk on the wild side with a “sapio-sexual intellectual activist?” If that’s your cup of tea, check out Harrison Schultz, a loosely appointed Occupy Wall Street spokesmen, on He’s only $200! » 4/18/14 5:40pm 4/18/14 5:40pm

Jon Stewart Puts Faux Outrage Over Spring Break on Blast

Fox News' Sean Hannity has devoted five segments over the past week to EXPOSING what's REALLY going on at Spring Break in America, almost as if the institution of SPRING BREAK FOREVER isn't already decades old and well-explored. » 4/10/14 1:30pm 4/10/14 1:30pm

Fox News Discovers 'Spring Break,' Is Very Concerned Indeed

Because Fox News' average viewer was already middle aged by the time MTV debuted, the network is sending one of its most intrepid concerned blonde moms into the bowels of youthful hedonism to teach The Olds about this new thing called "Spring Break." And it's hilarious. » 4/02/14 2:30pm 4/02/14 2:30pm

Seemingly Drunk Alaska Woman Has Angry Thoughts on Obama's 'Mom Jeans'

Sarah Palin — America's drunkest conservative aunt — sat down with Sean Hannity (America's blowhard-iest Irish uncle) recently to talk about Russia's deployment of troops in Ukraine, a situation she warned you liberals and democrats about over four years ago, only to be met with LAUGHTER and MOCKING. (To be fair, it… » 3/04/14 1:10pm 3/04/14 1:10pm

Jon Stewart and New York City Hilariously Beg Sean Hannity Not to Move

Oh, no! Conservative talk show host Sean Hannity doesn't feel welcome in his home state after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that those who are "right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay" no longer are welcome here and now Hannity is threatening to move to Florida or Texas! What will the people of New York… » 1/28/14 6:40pm 1/28/14 6:40pm

Glenn Beck Threatens to Put All Your Most Hated People In One Room

Ever wondered what hanging out in Hell would feel like? Then, boy, do I have good news for you! Glistening tear biscuit Glenn Beck has recently teased that he is organizing a conservative summit that might include the likes of Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. All under one roof! Oh, and the chairs will be… » 12/18/13 3:30pm 12/18/13 3:30pm

Grimes Had a Horrible, Horrible Dream

In today's Tweet Beat, people are still still talking about Miley, to the point where Ryan Adams agreed with Sean Hannity about something (or not). There's also Kevin Jonas, who has decided to announce the sex of his child the weirdest way possible and Grimes, who feels the way some of us feel about all video games. » 8/27/13 7:40pm 8/27/13 7:40pm

Megyn Kelly Might Bump Sean Hannity From His Prime Spot on Fox News

It's important to take everything "reported" by Matt Drudge with a grain of salt, or maybe a whole bag of it, but he's started rumors circulating that Megyn Kelly might be replacing Sean Hannity's show on Fox News this fall. » 8/08/13 4:20pm 8/08/13 4:20pm

Being a Myopic Dick About the Election Cost Sean Hannity Half His…

Oh, Sean "Don't Worry, Frightened Elderlies, We'd Never Reelect a Colored!" Hannity. It pleases me to laugh at you! All the bizarre, insulated right-wing media rhetoric—which straight-facedly predicted a landslide win for Romney—is coming back to bite them where it hurts a conservative the most. In the dick money. » 1/01/13 1:00pm 1/01/13 1:00pm

Obama Campaign's Female Spokesperson Making Conservatives Basically Rip…

Stephanie Cutter is one of the Obama campaign's more visible faces this election cycle. Her calm, slightly exasperated/smug countenance occasionally shows up on the teevee to refute conservative SuperPAC email forwards that feature Barack Obama photoshopped into the background of natural disasters (Sample Cutter:… » 10/23/12 5:00pm 10/23/12 5:00pm

Hillary Clinton Masterminding the Bin Laden Raid Is a Fun Idea But…

A new book written by a guy who almost definitely doesn't want Barack Obama to be reelected claims that while Barack Obama nancy-danced around issuing final orders to carry out the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, in the end, it was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who led the charge to kill the terrorist… » 8/22/12 11:00am 8/22/12 11:00am

Barack Obama Was Also a Bully, Shriek Conservative Pundits Who Didn't…

In President Obama's book, Dreams from my Father, he recounts a playground incident when he shoved a little girl named Coretta. This is exactly the same as that time Mitt Romney held down a gay kid and cutting his hair off and then saying you don't remember it but also apologizing, according to Sean Hannity. Do you… » 5/11/12 3:15pm 5/11/12 3:15pm

Giving Women the Vote Was a Huge Mistake, Says Fox News Dude

Here's a video of Jesse Lee Peterson, frequent Fox News guest and vocal Tea Party supporter, saying some really nutty stuff about how women are ruining everything. If you're like me and get great joy out of watching out-of-touch Neanderthals embarrass themselves, you'll love this video. » 5/09/12 9:00pm 5/09/12 9:00pm

Great Moments in Not Knowing Shit About Birth Control

It's been a roller coaster ride of a year for women and their ladyparts, thanks in large part to people who know nothing about birth control trying to discuss the nuances of birth control. Here's a loving homage to those misguided blabbermouths muddying up the national conversation with confidently delivered… » 3/16/12 1:00pm 3/16/12 1:00pm

Sarah Palin's Got the Scoop on Barack Obama's Secret Slavery-Era…

Sarah Palin, in another attempt to break the bullshit land speed record, unleashed a particularly unhinged-sounding anti-Barack Obama rant on Sean Hannity's show yesterday. The former Alaska governor claimed, among other things, that the President was unvetted when he ran for office, that he's a radical, and that he… » 3/09/12 12:50pm 3/09/12 12:50pm