​Polaris Prize-Winning Throat Singer Thinks You Should Eat More Seal

Tanya Tagaq is one badass woman. The Inuk singer who hails from the Cambridge Bay in Nunavut just won the $30K Polaris Music Prize, Canada's annual award for the best full-length album (basically Canada's Mercury Prize) for her latest release, Animism. She beat out Arcade Fire, Timber Timbre, Shad, Drake, Mac… » 9/23/14 7:00pm 9/23/14 7:00pm

Cranky Cape Cod Fishermen Want to Cull the Resurgent Seal Population

I’m not going to sugarcoat this for you. We’re all adults, and we should be able to deal with upsetting revelations with the dignity decorum demands of us. Okay, here it goes: some people are so annoyed with the resurgent gray seal population around Cape Cod that they’ve suggested culling the population, i.e.… » 8/17/13 1:00pm 8/17/13 1:00pm

Forget Goats, These Seals Yelling Like Humans Are Fucking Awesome

WILMMMAAAA!!!! If you think these guys aren't channeling an entire generation of yelling husbands from the 50s, you're a liar. Also, the "hi" guy starting at 1:37 is my favorite seal-person of all time. And we've got a straight-up PeeWee Herman at 2:08. And one of them sounds like Steve Carrell in The 40 Year Old… » 3/11/13 11:30pm 3/11/13 11:30pm

Start Your Summer Search for Marine Mammal Friends

It's summer's inaugural weekend, which means that you can begin in earnest your mission to swim with as many marine mammals as will tolerate the erratic vibrations your awkward flopping makes in the water. I'm not saying that one of those animals will definitely be this adorable orphan seal pup, but you'll never… » 5/28/12 6:00pm 5/28/12 6:00pm

Rejected Ginger Seal Pup Gets A Happy Ending, Webcam

Good news for those whose heart ached after seeing the heartbreaking photos of the lonely, ginger seal all alone in the desolate, wintry countryside whom nobody wanted: Nafanya has a home. The rare, albino seal now resides in the Akvatoria dolphinarium in Russia, where he has quickly become the star attraction. » 11/28/11 7:30pm 11/28/11 7:30pm