It Me: Asthmatic Otter And Snack Thief Edition

It is fun and hip to say “it me” about articles and photos — the implicit humor is that, of course, you are not that fat baby, or those lazy cats, or that mailbox brimming with letters. You are a normal adult human. I do it maybe too much. When I brought the following two news items to the attention of Jezebel’s… »9/17/15 5:30pm9/17/15 5:30pm


Chicago Is Losing Its Shit Over This Rescued Baby Sea Otter

There is nothing cuter in the world than a baby otter cleaning its face. Nothing. If I could give birth to baby sea otters instead of baby people, I'd never stop being pregnant. I would be the Michelle Duggar of otter pups. As such, it makes perfect and absolute sense to me that the entirety of the city of Chicago is… »11/06/14 10:10am11/06/14 10:10am