Creepy Half Naked Man Statue Causes Fracas at All-Women's College

The most talked about person on Wellesley College's all-female campus — distinguished alma mater of the likes of Madeleine Albright, Norah Ephron, and Hillary Clinton — isn't a woman at all. It's a man. A creepy, paunchy, bald sleepwalking man in his underwear, immortalized in sculpture form and parked on a quad,… »2/05/14 4:22pm2/05/14 4:22pm

New Steampunk Sculpture Exhibit Lets You Poke Jesus’ Wounds

What do you get when you mix a subculture full of brass, mahogany and monocles, saints, and torture? The answer is not, in fact, more torture. Michael Landy's exhibit Saints Alive, currently on display at the National Gallery in London, lets visitors torture sculptures of religious saints when they step on foot… »7/10/13 3:40pm7/10/13 3:40pm

Check Out All These Old, Greek Balls from the Photo Collection Marbles

If you want to see some old, Greek balls close-up, check out the recent photo series Marbles from London-based photographer Ingrid Berthon-Moine. Marbles is pretty self-evident, but, just in case you’re treating these as monochromatic Magic Eyes, the collection features “closely cropped shots of classic Greek… »6/23/13 3:30pm6/23/13 3:30pm

Missouri Stupidly Decides to Create Rush Limbaugh Shrine in the State Capitol

Over the past few days, there have been many, many suggestions thrown around about what kinds of things should be done to Rush Limbaugh. But among the many creative ways which people have devised to properly shame and humiliate him, no one has thought of something as brilliant as what Missouri House Speaker Steve… »3/06/12 9:30am3/06/12 9:30am

The Proper Way to Celebrate Leap Day Is With Your Cat

Further proof that America is the most wonderful country on Earth: Cats now have their own holiday. Well, they do if you believe Friskies, anyway. We may call today Leap Day, but they're saying it is actually "Plus Day," which is "a day of extras for your cat." Wait, isn't every day a day of extras—extra treats, extra… »2/29/12 10:30pm2/29/12 10:30pm

Professional Cheese Sculptor Turns Cheddar Into Art

Cheese is wonderful in so many ways: it's rich, it's creamy, it's delicious, it's nutritious, and you can melt it on top of vegetables to make them taste better. But did you know that you can also make beautiful art out of cheese? Indeed you can! And nobody does it better than Sarah Kaufmann, aka "the Cheese Lady,"… »11/13/11 3:50pm11/13/11 3:50pm