The God Meryl Streep Funds New Screenwriting Lab for Women Over 40

Powering Hollywood’s perpetual-motion machine is a big sludgy river of spec scripts, of which only a tiny fraction will ever get sold, let alone made—and in recent years, the figure of spec scripts sold by women stands at under 10 percent. The imbalance in behind-the-scenes demographics is a direct cause of the tired,… »4/20/15 9:30am4/20/15 9:30am


29-Year-Old Former Assistant Sells Million Dollar Script About Internet Datestalking

Emma Stone is reportedly in talks to star in a movie based on a screenplay about cyber datestalking written by a woman who, until last week, was Adam McKay's personal assistant. The script's called He's Fuckin' Perfect, and the writer is currently accepting applications for people interested in officially living… »11/03/11 5:45pm11/03/11 5:45pm