Will Sex Offender Screening Become Standard In Online Dating?

In response to a lawsuit by a woman who was sexually assaulted by her Match.com date, the dating site has agreed to screen its users against the sex offender registry. Other sites are following suit — is this about to become the industry standard? » 8/24/11 1:00pm 8/24/11 1:00pm

Task Force To Under-50s: Don't Bother Screening For Breast Cancer

New guidelines released by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force advise that women ages 40 to 50 shouldn't bother with mammograms. Also, don't worry about giving yourself a self-exam - the panel claims they just don't work. » 11/17/09 9:30am 11/17/09 9:30am

Study: Mammograms May Lead To Overtreatment Of Harmless Cancers

According to a new study, as many as one in three cancers found by mammograms would have regressed on their own, without treatment. Some doctors recommend doing mammograms less often, or paying less attention to minor abnormalities. [LA Times] » 8/17/09 10:40am 8/17/09 10:40am

Watch It

Over on Radar, Amy Monaghan has a run down of the decade's most misogynistic movies. Did some of your faves make the list? From Superbad ("Dick-obsessed Seth is... a cretin who is afraid of vaginas"), to The Devil Wears Prada ("'Wake up, Six!' was the quip that launched a thousand fingers down girls' throats."), Sin… » 2/28/08 12:45pm 2/28/08 12:45pm