'Avowed Homosexual' Boy Scout Den Mother Kicked Out for Gaying All Over Impressionable Children

The Boy Scouts of America, in their continuing quest to act like shitty bizarro world Girl Scouts, have ousted a den mother from her son's troop after finding out that she was a lesbian. Guess they didn't want her to accidentally spill some gay on the boys' crisply ironed khaki colored tucked in shirts, high socks,… »4/18/12 3:00pm4/18/12 3:00pm


Scouts Pose As Terrorists, "Kidnap" Kate Middleton

A British Scout troop is being criticized for having 11 to 15-year-olds pretend to be terrorists abducting Kate Middleton as part of an exercise to teach the 300 children to read maps. After the girl playing Kate had been absconded with, an older boy playing Prince William led another group of Scouts on a hunt for… »2/14/11 11:21am2/14/11 11:21am