Whitney Houston And Bobby B: Back Together?

  • Before Blake and Amy had even hit puberty, Whitney and Bobby were acting completely bonkers in public all the time. And it sounds like the gruesome twosome is back together again!! They've been spotted on romantic dinners and their daughter is allegedly itching for them to reconnect. Resist, Whitney, resist! [TMZ]
  • » 11/26/08 6:00pm 11/26/08 6:00pm

Angelina Takes Maddox & Pax To OB/GYN

  • Angelina Jolie let her sons, Maddox and Pax, attend her sonogram, so the kids could see their new siblings — the twins. [MSNBC]
  • The Beyoncé pregnancy rumors have begun. [Page Six]
  • Oooh! One of the first reviews of Sex And The City: "It can feel like a never ending dinner party: however pleasant the courses, after a…
  • » 5/13/08 9:00am 5/13/08 9:00am

Jay-Z & Beyoncé's Next Hit: 'Here Comes The Bride'

  • Beyoncé and Jay-Z have taken out a marriage license! In Westchester, NY! They have up to 60 days to tie the knot. Where do you think they're registered? And what do you get the couple who has everything? [NY Post]
  • Post-rehab Eva Mendes is "taking a break and having a good time" by exercising and being with her family.…
  • » 4/02/08 9:00am 4/02/08 9:00am