TN Rep Who Pressured Mistress to Have Abortion Votes for Abortion Ban

Congressman Scott DesJarlais, the pro-life, all-family values Tennessee Republican who cheated on his wife and then pressured his mistress to have an abortion, voted this week in favor of a federal 2o-week abortion ban. DesJarlais’ spokesperson said the congressman has “always supported pro-life values”—except, of… »5/15/15 8:00pm5/15/15 8:00pm

Republican Tells Little Girl He'd Deport Her Dad, Crowd Cheers Wildly

What do you get when you take one well-known philandering Tea Partying Congressman who— let's face it — looks a lot like a penis, a little girl whose father is an undocumented immigrant who would get deported if aforementioned penis-pol had his way, and a room full of Tea Party voters? FUN TIMES galore! »8/19/13 6:15pm8/19/13 6:15pm

Recently Beleaguered Pro-Life Politician Romances the Ladies with Dinner and Some Mediocre Weed

Scott DesJarlais, pro-wrestling action figure, licensed physician, Tennessee statesmen, and eligible bachelor (laydeeeez!) who doesn't let an antiquated ceremony like marriage stop him from finding his soulmate, is facing some new trouble in his bid for reelection to the House of Representatives — a second former… »10/28/12 4:00pm10/28/12 4:00pm

Pro-Life Pol Who Pressured His Mistress to Have an Abortion Says It's Okay Because She Wasn't Pregnant

Scott DesJarlais, the pro family values anti-abortion rights Tennessee Tea Party Congressman who it turns out was actually only pro-family values and anti-abortion rights for people who aren't Scott DesJarlais, now claims that the tape transcript released last week wherein he pressured his mistress/ex patient to have… »10/15/12 12:10pm10/15/12 12:10pm

Meet the Pro-Life Tea Party Congressman Who Pressured His Mistress to Have An Abortion

Right now, you're going to want to dust off your Horrible Hypocritical Human Garbage Bingo cards; I have a feeling this story could finally be your lucky round. Tennessee Tea Party Congressman Scott DesJarlais, who ran for Congress on a FAMILY VALUES PRO LIFE IN GOD WE TRUST JESUS IS HUGGING AMERICA WITH HIS MEATY… »10/10/12 3:50pm10/10/12 3:50pm