Elizabeth Warren Is Pulling Ahead of Scott Brown and Can Hardly Stop Herself from Gloating

At least according to this gif Elizabeth Warren seems positively wracked with glee that she may very soon get to do victory donuts in front of Scott Brown's house with her Harley (I don't know if Elizabeth Warren rides a Harley, but if she did I can't imagine how else she'd use it). According to the Western New… »11/04/12 3:30pm11/04/12 3:30pm

Elizabeth Warren Is Now Semi-Officially Winning the Massachusetts Senate Race

After a May poll had Scott Brown up two points over Elizabeth Warren in the Massachusetts Senate race, the latest exercise in guesstimation has Warren leading Brown 43 percent to 38 percent. Although the Boston Globe poll notes that about 18 percent of the electorate remains undecided (and so the race is still pretty… »9/30/12 5:45pm9/30/12 5:45pm

Elizabeth Warren Becomes Undisputed Champion of Massachusetts Democrats

Despite controversy over her dubious Cherokee heritage, Elizabeth Warren secured more than 95 percent of the delegate vote Saturday at Massachusetts' Democratic Convention, all but assuring voters in the state's looming senatorial race that incumbent Scott Brown will prove himself a big jerk and resort to his old body… »6/03/12 11:30am6/03/12 11:30am

The Curious Case of Why We Give a Shit Whether Elizabeth Warren Is a Native American

Things in the tight race for Massachusetts Senate between incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown and his likely challenger, Democratic folk hero Elizabeth Warren, have taken a turn for the bizarre. Scott Brown has found himself in the unusual position of attacking Elizabeth Warren for claiming to be a Native… »5/01/12 10:50am5/01/12 10:50am

Hip Republican Credits Daughters With Teaching Him Cooking, Cleaning Skills

Scott Brown of Massachusetts is pretty much the GOP's greatest remaining hope for hip, modern ideas in a party increasingly characterized by dour, prude regressionism. A visionary new voice for a party that's unfortunately branded itself as a retro outfit that just wants women to get back to the kitchen. Yes, Scott… »3/27/12 12:40pm3/27/12 12:40pm

Sen. Scott Brown Makes Ridiculous Condom Joke About Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum must be having a major sad tonight. His biggest problem is that he just lost the Puerto Rico primary to Mitt Romney, but what's maybe even worse for Santorum's sizeable yet delicate ego is that his fellow Republicans have now started throwing playground-style jokes his way, as evidenced by this major… »3/18/12 8:00pm3/18/12 8:00pm

After Scott Brown's Sexual Abuse Revelation, The Inevitable Victim Blaming

The 60 Minutes interview in which Senator Scott Brown revealed he was abused as a child aired in full tonight, and he's already experiencing a backlash. While many praised Brown for sharing his story, some are calling him a hypocrite for refusing to prosecute his attacker and supporting a politician accused of turning… »2/20/11 10:45pm2/20/11 10:45pm