The Kids' Choice Awards Red Carpet Is the Most Fun Red Carpet of the…

The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards — which held its 26th annual event yesterday in Los Angeles — has got to be the most enjoyable awards show ever. From the bright, youthful clothes to the slime, celebrities actually look like they're having fun. Kristen Stewart smiles. It's that awesome. You cannot look at these… » 3/25/13 1:10pm 3/25/13 1:10pm

Third Accuser Files Underage Sex Lawsuit Against Kevin Clash

Blorp. Another day, another allegation that adult man and Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash met a 16-year-old boy on a sexy chat line and underagedly sexed him up. I'm starting to feel like Kevin-Clash-underage-sex-allegations are going to become a monthly occurrence and I can begin charting my menses by them like the new… » 11/27/12 8:20pm 11/27/12 8:20pm

The Sad Truth Is That Whitney Houston Did Cocaine Right Before She Died

It's hard to believe, but it's only been six weeks since Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room. Today the Los Angeles County Coroner's office finally released its initial autopsy report, and the depressing results showed that she used cocaine right before she drowned, and she also had heart disease. Oh,… » 3/22/12 8:00pm 3/22/12 8:00pm

An Old Jezebel Foe Is Now on Twitter

On today's Tweet Beat, Scott Baio's wife joins Twitter (but does she still think that we're lesbian shit asses?), Ana Gasteyer seeks to get verified, Camille Grammar is reading up on neurolinguistic programming and some great ladies are supporting Planned Parenthood
» 2/01/12 7:30pm 2/01/12 7:30pm

The Top Stories On Jezebel In 2010

Here are a few things that the Internet loves: Fucking; Photoshop, fast food; Cats. Itself. And sexism, too! We had it all this year. Check out the most-read stories of the year and you'll see what we mean. » 12/31/10 6:40pm 12/31/10 6:40pm

Show Up At The Rally To Restore Sanity With A Lesbian Shitass T-Shirt!

Any readers going to DC tomorrow should know that commenter SlayBelle has Lesbian Shitass T-shirts "for anyone who wants them." UPDATE: » 10/29/10 12:40pm 10/29/10 12:40pm

Richie Sambora's Clothing Line As Tacky As Expected; Sketch Of…

What Does Scott Baio's Sandwich Taste Like?

All we know is, it contains more class in its piss than all of us together. As well as banana peppers stuffed with provolone and prosciutto. [NYM, Earlier.] » 6/07/10 3:40pm 6/07/10 3:40pm

Celebrity Dealbreakers: When Loving Them Becomes Impossible

Admit it: sometime, against your better judgment, you root for a celebrity. And then they release a single. Or a racial slur. Or a political endorsement. Or a comment about homeless people's style acumen. And ladies? That's a dealbreaker. » 5/25/10 4:00pm 5/25/10 4:00pm

Rolled Up Donny Osmond Poster Found In Fan's Vagina

Oh, and the story will be televised on BBC3's Bizarre ER next Monday. Says one Jezebel staffer: "This is terrible, but part of me wishes it had been Scott Baio." [Mirror via Tabloid Prodigy] » 5/06/10 1:30pm 5/06/10 1:30pm

In Defense Of Scott Baio: Speak Now, Or Forever Hold Your Peace

It's been a rough week for Scott Baio: paying taxes, dealing with nasty websites, supervising his wife's homophobic Facebook updates. He just wants everyone to really understand him, and so we're ready to let Team Baio step forward. » 4/22/10 2:20pm 4/22/10 2:20pm

Spencer Pratt Engages Perez Hilton In A Twitter War; Plus More Scott…

Today in Tweet Beat, Spencer and Perez got at it, reminiscent of when I watched two fighting rats rip one another's limbs off on the subway tracks—it was disgusting, but helped pass the time till my train came. » 4/21/10 8:00pm 4/21/10 8:00pm

Psychology Today Diagnoses Scott Baio

Not really, but in the February issue of Psychology Today, Jeff Pearlman writes: "Despite official recognition in the DSM, those with hypochondriasis are often treated with the respect and seriousness of a Scott Baio film festival." Scans after the jump! » 4/21/10 12:20pm 4/21/10 12:20pm

Buy This Now: The Scott Baio T-Shirt

Fashion can be tough, especially when you're an internet troll crawling up angry Scott Baio's butt. But fear not: For $24, Urban Outfitters' exceptionally well-timed Scott Baio retro t-shirt is perfect for "lesbian shitasses" everywhere. [UO, Earlier] » 4/21/10 9:40am 4/21/10 9:40am

Scott Baio's Online Meltdown: A Complete Timeline

Scott Baio has had some issues of late. He's mad. Mad at liberals, mad at uninformed fans, and really mad at the Internet. Crazy mad. But a recent history of Baio's insanity reveals that his fall was all but inevitable. » 4/20/10 3:40pm 4/20/10 3:40pm

"You Lesbian Shitasses": Scott Baio's Wife Rants On Facebook (Updates)

Scott Baio has been having some Internet troubles lately. And now his wife Renee is taking to the web to fight cunty "lesbos." How did it come to this?! » 4/19/10 3:20pm 4/19/10 3:20pm

Scott Baio Vs. Jezebel, Day 2 (Plus Pictures!)

Today in Tweet Beat, Scott Baio tells us (in Italian) that "the broom and dustpan are in the closet." We think he's either calling us witches or imploring us to clean something. Plus, the Kardashians have written a book. » 4/16/10 7:00pm 4/16/10 7:00pm