These Lady Scientists Are So Distractingly Sexy I'm In Love and Crying

The internets are having fun destroying biochemist Tim Hunt’s comments about the “trouble with girls” in laboratories. Using the hashtag #distractinglysexy, people are posting ironic pictures of famed female scientists, while working scientists are taking selfies so hot it’s like they’re saturated with thermal energy.
»6/12/15 3:25pm6/12/15 3:25pm


These Scientist Nerds Freaking Out Over a Sperm Whale Are the Cutest

Look, it’s the most rare thing: pure human wonder, expressed by adults, in a respectable setting. Via BoingBoing, here is a video capturing the reaction of a handful of scientists on board the Exploration Vessel Nautilus, whose remote operation vehicle has descended to nearly 2,000 feet under the sea near the coast… »4/16/15 4:00pm4/16/15 4:00pm

Lego to Launch Female Scientist Series Following Gender Controversy

Lego has announced that it will launch science-themed play sets featuring female scientists and their lab tools. The series was chosen as the latest winner of Legos Ideas—in which people can submit and vote on proposals for play sets they'd like the toy company to sell—and comes on the heels of criticism surrounding… »6/05/14 2:20pm6/05/14 2:20pm

Female Neuroscientists Parody That Embarrassing 'Science: It's A Girl Thing' Video

Remember that totally ineffective "Science: It's a Girl Thing" campaign from the European Union Commission that used ladymag imagery to attempt to entice young girls to the pursuit of science? You know, the one that cost $128,136, looked kind of like a video version of the game Mall Madness and turned out to garner… »12/08/12 5:30pm12/08/12 5:30pm

Even Female Scientist-Doctors Are Paid Significantly Less Than Their Male Peers

Another day, another study that proves women get paid way, way less than men who are at the same stage in their careers: researchers looked at female and male physician-scientists' work hours, academic titles, specialties, ages, and any other factors that could influence their paycheck, making sure to only study… »6/13/12 1:10pm6/13/12 1:10pm