These Early-'90s 'Futuristic' Romance Covers Are Stunning and Wondrous 

Historical romance covers of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s are instantly recognizable—a triumph of design, frankly. But equally striking are the covers for these science fiction romance stories from the period. In 3034, we won’t need spacesuits, just pants and rippling abs. The future looks bright! »Friday 3:40pm11/20/15 3:40pm


Halle Berry’s Extant, the Blackest Show No One Is Watching

Last summer, I fell down the rabbit hole of the science-fiction drama Extant starring Halle Berry because, to me, being black means I must give black actors and shows a chance. (I can quit later, but only after I’ve supported.) Extant is the blackest mainstream sci-fi show I’ve ever seen. »9/11/15 4:10pm9/11/15 4:10pm

Even Matt and Ben Know That Syfy Is the Most Important Cable Network

The Syfy Network is the most important channel on cable television, with or without the Sharknado franchise. It has Face Off and Defiance and Dominion. It has Ghost Hunters which has aired for approximately 37 years. Syfy is the greatest. American tastemakers Affleck and Damon recognize this, and now they want to get… »10/13/14 6:10pm10/13/14 6:10pm

If you happen to be in San Francisco this weekend, you may want to check out Arse Elektronika, a thr
If you happen to be in San Francisco this weekend, you may want to check out Arse Elektronika »9/25/08 12:40pm9/25/08 12:40pm, a three-day conference on sex, science fiction, and technology. Annalee Newitz, of our sister site , will kick things off tonight with a no doubt -worthy list of "the dos and don'ts of sci-fi sex." Other highlights include a…
Jezebel Trekkies (we know you're out there), pour out some Romulan ale in honor of "Star Trek&q
Jezebel Trekkies (we know you're out there), pour out some Romulan ale »9/22/08 12:40pm9/22/08 12:40pm in honor of "Star Trek" fan extraordinaire , who died on Sept. 11 at the age of 77. Winston organized conventions, wrote "Star Trek" fanfic, edited a fanzine about "Trek" character , and became so popular with other fans that in 1976 over 40…

Conventional Crap: The Sun Is Already Setting On The RNC

The Republican National Convention hasn't even officially started and already it's being scaled back due to Republicans not wanting to look like insensitive assholes (again) when a hurricane hits the Gulf Coast. In the absence of hangovers, parties or Madonna concerts to discuss this week, Kay Steiger »9/01/08 10:00am9/01/08 10:00am of (still…

The Truth Is, Mulder & Scully Are Just “Two 40-Something Adults With Trust Issues”

The X-Files: I Want to Believe premieres today, shrouded in its own set of Clintonian conspiracy theories. Can Agent Scully rekindle our fangirldom? Are our two special agents still an item? Who's the casting director that saw rapper Xzibit and thought "FBI agent?" Oh, and about that plot: it sounds like a mediocre… »7/25/08 2:30pm7/25/08 2:30pm

Sharpen The Knives: A Science Fiction Convention Happened, And Some Fat People Came!

When last we wrote about science fiction conventions we learned about something called the Open Source Boob Project, wherein women attendees kindly volunteered to wear buttons allowing desirous men to grope their tits. If only all convention attendees were so open and accepting! Last weekend, a woman named Rachel Moss… »5/28/08 2:30pm5/28/08 2:30pm

Open Source Boob Project: The True Story Of One Epic Day Nerds Groped Free

When people first started imploring us to weigh in on the Open Source Boob Project we had this scary image of a website featuring a picture of a pair of fake tits that registered computer programmers could modify and reshape and manipulate with nanotechnology or whatever else until the resultant pair of tits reflected… »4/23/08 4:40pm4/23/08 4:40pm

We Have Liftoff: Sister Site i09 Launches To Much (Girl Geek) Fanfare

Anxious about what the year 2008 will bring? What about 2070? Forward-focused Jezebels might want to head over to our new science-fiction sister blog, io9, which officially launches today. Described by editor Annalee Newitz as a pop-culture site in which she and her team of writers get to focus on "fantasies as well… »1/02/08 10:00am1/02/08 10:00am

CIA Insect Cyborgs: Yeah, They're Tools Of Big Brother. But Are They As Gross?

Last night I was standing on a street corner talking on my phone when a man in patent-leather sneakers came up to me. "Excuse me miss, but something just landed in your hair," he said, at which point I flipped my head violently and hurled my hair upside down while screaming, "For the love of God get out of my… »10/09/07 9:30am10/09/07 9:30am