That Study Making Its Way Around the Web Doesn't Say That Prenatal Vitamins Cause Autism 

Last week, researchers at Johns Hopkins released a study that analyzed the relationship between levels of folate and vitamin B12 in a mother’s system and their children’s risk of autism. The study found that women with heightened levels of both folate and vitamin B12 were 17.6 times more likely to have children…

There’s A Lot To Love About This Guy’s Intense Masturbation Diary

So I was reading this Guardian piece on beatin’ it. (Or, depending on the genitals you possess, um...“opening your ham wallet?” Jesus, that’s a terrible euphemism.) It features statistics on the types of people who beat and don’t beat it, how and when they beat it (if they indeed beat it), how often and for how long…

Finally, An Invention That Can Tell You What Your Cat Is Really Saying

Convinced that when your cat meows, it’s truly trying to tell you something? Now there’s a 3D printed talking cat collar to pick up on Fluffy’s varied vocalizations and “translate” them via an app on your smart phone. Yes, just like the one worn by Dug the talking dog in Pixar’s Up (“Squirrel!”).

Everyone Should Be Able To Explain Quantum Computing Like Justin Trudeau

When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau schooled a journalist on the basics of quantum computing yesterday, I was initially as charmed and delighted as everyone else. But then a niggling sense of dismay set in. Why should this be such a singular newsworthy event? How come so few of us can do what Trudeau did, when…