Generous Texas Man Pays Off Entire Elementary School's Lunch Debt

In a stunning act of generosity, Kenny Thompson — a father from Houston, Texas — has paid off the outstanding lunch debts of all of the children at a local elementary school where he mentors and tutors students. He was inspired to step up after reading about the school in Salt Lake City, Utah that recently garnered… »2/07/14 6:00pm2/07/14 6:00pm

WTF: Utah Elementary School Seizes Lunches from Indebted Kids

Today in What the Ever Loving Fuck: School officials at Uintah Elementary in Salt Lake City, Utah seized upwards of 40 students' cafeteria-issued lunches and threw them in the trash this Tuesday — all because the kids had unpaid balances on their lunch accounts. Yes, they punished children too young to have any real… »1/30/14 12:00pm1/30/14 12:00pm

School Teacher Allegedly Forced 5-Year-Old Girl to Eat Garbage

When a 5-year-old student at a New Jersey elementary school threw away her uneaten bagel, one enterprising teacher took matters into her own hands. Now, back in my day, the punishment for not eating your food was not getting to have any fucking food. But, clearly, this particular teacher is a special snowflake with… »10/17/12 10:50am10/17/12 10:50am

Real Life Swedish Chef Told to Scale Back on School Lunch Deliciousness

Remember all those times you were eating school lunch and saying to yourself, "This is just too good. They spoil us, they really do!" Yeah, me neither, but apparently that was the case at one Swedish school until recently. Their crafty head cook Annika Eriksson was a school lunch machine; preparing fresh and flavorful… »10/08/12 10:00am10/08/12 10:00am

Activists Want Tuna Taken Off School Lunch Menus After Mercury Levels Discovered to Be Bonkers

Out of all the foods that could be full of neurotoxins and dolphin ghosts—why does it always have to be tuna? Delicious, delicious tuna. Tuna is a wonder-food that comes either in a can or in a fish. The canned kind is cheap, and is where tuna melts come from, which makes it a national treasure. The fish kind is… »9/20/12 4:00pm9/20/12 4:00pm

New York City Puts Public School Students on a Diet, Because the Kids are Too Damn Fat

Want to hear something depressing? According to teachers' estimates, two-thirds of students in some public schools rely on school lunch as their primary source of caloric intake. Want to hear something else depressing (YES!) According to government data, between 16 and 33% of American children and teens are obese.… »9/04/12 6:50pm9/04/12 6:50pm

Adorable Scottish School Lunch Activist Silenced By Government Sourpusses

Martha Payne, a 9-year-old who attends Lochgilphead Primary school in western Scotland, was dismayed by the lack of healthy options available in her school's cafeteria. So she started a blog called Never Seconds, where she posted photos of each day's congealed lasagna wedge along with a short review and miscellaneous… »6/15/12 5:45pm6/15/12 5:45pm