'Conservative University' Video Says Feminism Ruins Women's Studies

Prominent Tea Party Thought-attempters have launched something they're calling "Conservative University," a series of online video lectures designed to spread the tenets of conservatism to a younger, plugged in generation of dweebs who are into watching online lectures in their free time. So far, the only course… »6/24/14 1:00pm6/24/14 1:00pm

School Tries to Block Native Student From Wearing Feather at Graduation

Kaden Tiger is a senior at Seminole High School in Oklahoma. Earlier this week, he told a reporter that he planned on wearing an eagle feather on his graduation cap, even though the school had declared that doing so would be against he rules. Ironic, since Seminole's school mascot is a feather-headdress-wearing… »5/23/14 12:50pm5/23/14 12:50pm

New Educational Standards Teach Kids That History Contained One Woman

New York State's Department of Education recently published the state's new, improved educational standards designed to guide the minds of The Next Generation into a great Sea Of Fact-Knowing so that they may Succeed in the World of Tomorrow (or, you know, in practical terms, the Shit They Will Be Tested On Before… »3/24/14 1:50pm3/24/14 1:50pm

How To Talk Your Girl Friends Out of Going to Business School

Working a shit job in a cube zoo hell-Labyrinth is a soul-sucking way for a woman to spend her twenties; attending graduate school so she can compose a thesis on menstrual shaming in early Gaelic literature is a money-sucking way for a woman to spend her twenties. But there's one way a woman can waste a few years of… »9/17/13 5:40pm9/17/13 5:40pm

New York City Puts Public School Students on a Diet, Because the Kids are Too Damn Fat

Want to hear something depressing? According to teachers' estimates, two-thirds of students in some public schools rely on school lunch as their primary source of caloric intake. Want to hear something else depressing (YES!) According to government data, between 16 and 33% of American children and teens are obese.… »9/04/12 6:50pm9/04/12 6:50pm

Teacher Launches "Burn And Rot In Hell" Website, Is Surprised To Be Fired

You'd think, after the furor that surrounded teacher Natalie Munroe's blog-related firing, that those in the pedagogical professions might give social networking a wide birth. Not so Catholic school teacher Elizabeth Cucinotta, who, with her cousin launched what she terms "Facebook for Angry People." The site, "Burn… »3/28/11 6:45pm3/28/11 6:45pm