The Hunger Games Trilogy Has Now Outsold All the Harry Potter Books

Insert your own violent archery imagery here: Katniss Everdeen has now [...]ed Harry Potter, mostly because digital books are bolstering sales figures for The Hunger Games trilogy. Suzanne Collins' dystopian bloodsport YA novels have surpassed J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter saga as the best-selling books (in both print… »8/20/12 11:30pm8/20/12 11:30pm

Turns Out a 6-Year-Old Can Write a Pretty Good Story

The Scholastic Channel recently posed a challenge: Could a 6-year-old write a complete story from beginning to end? First grader Scotty, who specifies that he is indeed 6 years and three months old, was up to the task. With a little help from Scholastic, his adorable tale "The Nit Qast" (A.K.A. The Knight Quest) was… »6/06/12 6:50pm6/06/12 6:50pm