Man Generously Awards Scholarships, Creepily Spanks Recipients, Goes to Prison

A man in Virginia has pled guilty to criminal actions associated with what he says is a scholarship program. Three women received money from the man to use for educational expenses, and in return, the man got to spank them when they "misbehaved." And you thought the Miss America pageant was a dubious scholarship… » 12/08/11 6:45pm 12/08/11 6:45pm

College Offers First-Ever Scholarships For Gay Students

For queer students considering college acceptance letters, figuring out which campus and community will be most accepting of their sexual orientation, gender expression, or trans status can be a major and sometimes the most major factor in making their decision. Many a transfer application has been made when a student… » 8/26/11 4:00pm 8/26/11 4:00pm