Chinless Monster Todd Kincannon Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges

Former short-lived South Carolina Republican Party executive director and self-styled Twitter provocateur Todd Kincannon has been arrested on domestic violence charges. Kincannon says that he didn’t have any memory of the incident that led to his arrest, that he’d overdosed on Benzonatate and his brain, arms, and… »4/06/15 11:45pm4/06/15 11:45pm


Being a Myopic Dick About the Election Cost Sean Hannity Half His Audience

Oh, Sean "Don't Worry, Frightened Elderlies, We'd Never Reelect a Colored!" Hannity. It pleases me to laugh at you! All the bizarre, insulated right-wing media rhetoric—which straight-facedly predicted a landslide win for Romney—is coming back to bite them where it hurts a conservative the most. In the dick money. »1/01/13 1:00pm1/01/13 1:00pm

Navigating Your Post-Election Victory Depression

We are the champions, my friends. But just because voters roundly rejected antique social ideas and embraced candidates and laws that would have made the hippies proud, if only the hippie demographic didn't currently consist of old-ish white people who mostly voted for Mitt Romney doesn't mean that we can rest on our… »11/08/12 11:15am11/08/12 11:15am

Watch Alleged Wife-Abuser Chad Ochocinco Get Fired from the Miami Dolphins

Good news, ladies! Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins, is back on the market after his wife (who he only married on July 4th) filed for divorce earlier this week. Now, now, before you all go tearing off your bra to get to him, you might want to know this one tiny caveat — Chad may have… »8/15/12 3:00pm8/15/12 3:00pm

Where Wal-Mart Went Wrong In Fashion (Hint: All That Cheap Junk Food Didn't Help)

Wal-Mart just lost apparel chief Claire Watts, the second in a short but incredibly dramatic line of failed hires (Wal-Tart Julie Roehm being first) Wal-Mart has made in an attempt to become "cool," and now rumors are swirling that Wal-Mart's CEO will be forced out of the company, all because the company that has… »7/23/07 10:03am7/23/07 10:03am