You Can Now Make Perfume That Smells Like Your Dead Loved Ones

Because it’s no longer acceptable to lovingly embalm your dead and keep them secretly entombed in your home, a new company has created something that’s almost as good: a perfume that smells like the living body of your dearly departed. It’s called Olfactory Links and isn’t half as creepy as you’d think. »6/16/15 7:10pm6/16/15 7:10pm


The One Direction Fragrance Made Half a Million Bucks in One Week

The oh-so-fun lads of One Direction took the time to sniff a bunch of chemicals and "create" a fragrance — Our Moment — and in the UK, the scent has been on sale at Harrod's for a week and has already raked in £360,000 — which is $560,00 — as in over HALF A MILLION. In one week. This number includes pre-orders, aka… »9/06/13 10:50am9/06/13 10:50am

Finally, A Perfume That Makes You Smell Like a Book

Are you a serious bookworm? Are you seeking to impress people with your love of reading or attract only the most erudite of mates? Then perhaps you would like to invest in a bottle of Paper Passion, the perfume that will make you smell exactly like a freshly printed book—because, as Karl Lagerfeld says, "The smell of… »6/03/12 9:45pm6/03/12 9:45pm

New Smell-vertising Technology Will Make Public Spaces Even More Unpleasant

We're all used to smelling those dastardly perfume samples in magazines, but now it looks like advertisers may have found an even more effective way to torment our senses while trying to trick us into buying something. McCain Foods is using a new kind of scent technology to promote a product called Ready Baked… »2/08/12 11:15pm2/08/12 11:15pm