Scarlett Johansson Hates the Name 'ScarJo,' Finds It 'Insulting'

Hello, stargazers! Scarlett Johansson would like you to please STOP calling her "ScarJo" because ScarJo is a nickname and nicknames are for friends and Scarlett Johansson is NO FRIEND OF YOURS. In an interview with Glamour, she explained that "there's something insulting about it." » 4/08/14 8:00pm 4/08/14 8:00pm

The Latest Under the Skin Trailer, Now with More Species

Here’s an extended, extra-creepy and skin-crawly of the upcoming Scarlett Johansson movie Under the Skin, directed by Sexy Beast tamer Jonathan Glazer and based on the novel by Michel Faber. That really is all we should say about plot because the movie looks weird, lonely, and unnerving in the way a David Lynch… » 9/22/13 3:30pm 9/22/13 3:30pm

Scarlett Johansson Engaged to Stone Fox French Journalist

Scarlett Johansson is officially engaged to Frenchman and too-hot-to-be-a-journalist journalist Romain Dauriac, her rep confirms. "They're very happy... they haven't chosen a date for the wedding." After faking us out numerous times this past year with non-nuptial diamond rings, her actual engagement ring is "a vintage… » 9/05/13 9:00am 9/05/13 9:00am

Scarlett Johansson Is Creepy as Hell in Teaser for Under the Skin

This (most likely terrifying) new flick is from Jonathan Glazer — director of 2000's Sexy Beast and numerous music videos — and it premieres at Venice Film Festival tomorrow. Variety says the film "seems difficult to buttonhole" and that feels right — after all, it is a science-fiction thriller based on the book by… » 9/02/13 9:45pm 9/02/13 9:45pm

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson Swap Spit in Don Jon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt wrote and directed a rom-com starring himself as a church-going, GTL-ing, porn-addict, cheese ball, and Scarlett Johansson as, well, his lady love? Maybe? It's called Don Jon, and we've already seen the initial preview, but this mini-trailer-thingie has all the making out in it. » 8/26/13 11:50am 8/26/13 11:50am

Scarlett Johansson Sues French Author for Using Her Name

A word of caution to aspiring novelists: when describing people in your masterpiece, try not to cheat by saying they look like celebrities. Sure, it may be an expedient way to swiftly move on from the tedious task of using phrases like "sweep of the brow" or "razor-beaked smile," but, in the end, some particularly… » 6/09/13 4:00pm 6/09/13 4:00pm

New Details Revealed About Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt

15-year-old Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital yesterday after leaving a suicide note, taking 20 Motrin and cutting herself with a kitchen knife — according to a Jackson family lawyer, she is "physically fine." Authorities as well as people close to Paris have since clarified that they don't really think she was… » 6/06/13 9:00am 6/06/13 9:00am

Here's Your Boyfriend Joseph Gorden Levitt as Don Jon

The trailer for the much-anticipated directoral debut of Joseph Gordon-Levitt has hit the web and it's a doozy, featuring Gordon-Levitt as "a strong, handsome, good old fashioned guy" who just happens to have a mild porn addiction. Bring. It. On. » 5/22/13 7:00pm 5/22/13 7:00pm