Thousands of Financially Vulnerable People Using Russell Simmons's Rushcard Just Got Screwed

Around 68 million Americans are unbanked or underbanked—either living without a bank account, or relying on “alternative,” predatory financial institutions like payday loan shops, check cashers, and prepaid payroll cards. One product on the last category, the Russell Simmons-founded Rushcard—which puts people in a… »10/19/15 11:20am10/19/15 11:20am


Why Did a Teen Claim Kylie Jenner Is Stalking and Trying to Kill Her? 

Earlier this week, TMZ reported on the strange case of a 17-year-old girl who claimed that the youngest and most popular Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, had been stalking and harassing her, and even staged a car accident in an attempt to kill her. The teen went as far as filing a temporary restraining order against Kylie… »9/25/15 5:38pm9/25/15 5:38pm

Woman Sent Online Stranger $1.4M, Is Desperately Hoping He's Real

A woman who sent an online stranger more than a million dollars without ever having met him is desperately trying to keep her positive thinking intact. Even though her boyfriend's voice has differed and he keeps asking for money despite the fact that he has no plans to meet her, she is hoping against hope that he's a… »2/27/15 2:30pm2/27/15 2:30pm

NJ Waitress Returning Wounded Warrior Donations, Is Now an Ex-Waitress

Remember our good, viral acquaintance, Dayna Morales, the Pinocchio waitress/ex-Marine from New Jersey who falsely claimed that she'd received an anti-gay message from an allegedly no-tipping couple, then began accepting donations from supporters who wanted to help wounded vets, then began allegedly hoarding that money »12/08/13 1:00pm12/08/13 1:00pm

Australian Couple Unwittingly Wins a Canadian Drug Mule Gig

The treacherous tides of the internet have swept up a pair of unsuspecting old people who just wanted to take a nice vacation from the drudgery of their daily lives in Australia to exotic Canada, land of a thousand enchantments. The couple believed they’d won an all-expenses-paid trip to Canada, complete with brand… »10/27/13 5:45pm10/27/13 5:45pm

In the U.K., It Gets Easier to Admit You're Never Going Back to the Gym

When I was in college, my best friend joined Bally's Total Fitness. After signing her life away for a plastic water bottle and the promise of a six pack, she quickly realized that she wasn't about to drag her ass across town to spend her mornings running to nowhere. She tried everything to get out of the… »9/11/13 9:30am9/11/13 9:30am

Woman Used Ambulance Like a Taxi, Ignoring the Social Contract

The social contract is a sacred thing, and, in the vacuum of constant police surveillance in which most people carry on with their daily-chores, we count on strangers to follow a few unstated or quietly stated rules that help society run with greater efficiency. Don’t sneeze into a crowd of people with one’s mouth… »4/28/13 9:15pm4/28/13 9:15pm

Proactiv Horror Stories: Tales From Skincare's Big Scam

Why is it so hard to quit Proactiv? Because, according to scores of frustrated customers, the company lures people in with enticing "free trials" that aren't as free as they seem and are next to impossible to cancel. We asked our readers for their own experiences with Proactiv's red tape, and they delivered: We got… »1/11/13 1:15pm1/11/13 1:15pm

Protesters in Calif. City Are Pretty Upset About Alleged Chinese ‘Maternity Motel’

Motorists running their soul-sucking, Saturday-morning, strip-mall errands yesterday in Chino Hills, Calif. might have spotted a strange convocation of disgruntled citizens yesterday protesting what they believe is an "illegal Chinese maternity operation," which is reportedly being run out of a residential home… »12/02/12 12:30pm12/02/12 12:30pm