Here's How You Deal With Sexual Harassment at a Sci-fi Convention

Last month, writer Genevieve Valentine was harassed at Readercon (a science fiction/fantasy convention) by a man named René Walling, a high-profile attendee who told her to stop saying things that "made [him] want to say "wrong" things" and then essentially stalked her throughout the conference in order to… »8/06/12 1:20pm8/06/12 1:20pm


John Scalzi Helpfully Explains Just How Not Okay It Is to Sexually Harass Someone at a Sci-Fi or Fantasy Convention

Author and and President of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America John Scalzi affixed his blogging sheriff's badge on Tuesday to remind everyone that it is a) decidedly shittastic to harass anyone at a science fiction or fantasy convention, and b) pretty frustrating that women are still being harassed at these… »8/01/12 10:45am8/01/12 10:45am

Eddie Murphy In Eddie Murphy In Eddie Murphy In... Another Really Lame Comedy

Heard about Meet Dave? The movie follows a group of aliens from the planet Nil, who, with their captain (Eddie Murphy) travel to Earth in a spaceship/robot named Dave who is also played by Eddie Murphy. Apparently, a mish-mash of fish-out-of-water and space traveling hijincks ensue until Dave meets a young child who… »7/11/08 1:30pm7/11/08 1:30pm