Hipster Couple's Save-the-Date Is a Ridiculous Action Movie

Forget cards, forget magnets and forget those handmade trinkets that were OOAK on Etsy for your save-the-dates. The old methods of reminding your friends when you’re getting hitched are not just déclassé, they’re embarrassing, and unless you make an action movie for your STD, your loved ones might just choose to send… »3/31/15 4:00pm3/31/15 4:00pm


Janice Ian Dumps Kevin Gnapoor, Continues to Avoid Commitment in Save the Date

Here's the trailer for Save the Date, the new relationship drama starring Janice Ian, Bill Haverchuck, Annie from Community and Mr. Christina Hendricks. The movie looks intriguing in that funny/delicate/mopey sort of way that the kids are so fond of these days and — heck — I do love love love me some Lizzie Caplan.… »10/22/12 6:20pm10/22/12 6:20pm

Your Dream Fiance Marilyn Manson Is Engaged to Another Woman [UPDATED]

Bad news for all you lovers of milky contact lenses and secretive Wonder Years pasts — Marilyn Manson is tying the knot with his girlfriend of 5 weeks, "independent occult film maker" Seraphim Ward. Sources say that Manson proposed with a family ring (ooooh) of celtic origin (ahhhh) and that Seraphim is over the… »4/16/12 10:35am4/16/12 10:35am