Teenage Girl Demonstrates Value of Speaking Out About Sexual Assault

Remember 17-year-old Savannah Dietrich? She's the teenager who publicly called out the boys who groped her chest and stuck their fingers in her vagina while she was unconscious — and photographed the sexual assault because they wanted to remember that precious moment in history forever/brag about it to all their… »12/10/12 1:05pm12/10/12 1:05pm


Prosecutor in Sexual Assault Case May Have Offered Defendants the Special High School Alumni Plea Deal

Even though 17-year-old Savannah Dietrich of Louisville wasn't charged with contempt of court after violating a court order by tweeting the names of two teens who sexually assaulted her, she's still had to cope with the fact that her attackers were offered an exceedingly lenient plea deal. That deal, according to a… »9/10/12 1:00pm9/10/12 1:00pm

Sexual Assault Victim Faces Contempt Charge for Tweeting Names of Alleged Attackers

A Louisville teenager could be facing a contempt of court charge that carries a possible 180-day jail sentence and $500 fine after she violated the terms of a plea deal by tweeting the names of the two teenage boys who sexually assaulted her. Savannah Dietrich and her mother have insisted on talking about the case the… »7/22/12 1:30pm7/22/12 1:30pm