The Ten Weirdest Allegations From Paula Deen's Home-Cooked Racism and Sexual Harassment Complaint

A former employee of one of Paula Deen's restaurants has alleged that the Baroness of Butter and her brother Bubba Hiers have been cooking something besides candied vegetables and deep fried ham fat in their restaurant's kitchen: piping hot racism and from-scratch sexual harassment. Mmm. Just like Mom used to make.… »3/06/12 11:00am3/06/12 11:00am

Your Morning Cry: Woman Induces Labor So Her Dying Husband Can Meet His Baby

Last month, 52-year-old Mark Aulger was very sick with complications from his treatment for colon cancer. His wife Diane was pregnant and was just two weeks from her due date when the doctor informed them that Mark's condition was fatal. When he was told he only had five or six days to live, Mark said "I'd like to see… »2/13/12 9:30am2/13/12 9:30am