Saturday Night Social: Don't Be Negative, Just Be Positive

If you recall the 1992 classic Untamed Heart which starred Christian Slater as a shy busboy with a baboon heart and Marisa Tomei as the waitress who falls in love with him, you may also remember Rosie Perez playing a fellow waitress and Tomei’s best friend. There was a scene where Perez was dancing and cleaning a… »6/13/15 7:45pm6/13/15 7:45pm

Saturday Night Social: This Hair is Filled With Secrets

The Aquanet gods are smiling down on us. This wild weave that’s making the rounds at the Cannes Film Festival belongs to a Russian television personality named Elena Lenina. Julianne already mentioned its magnificence, but I had to get a closer look. Just imagine all the secrets of Cannes she holds in that glorious… »5/16/15 7:30pm5/16/15 7:30pm

Saturday Night Social: Chrissy Teigen Will Stop Editing Her Pics

Chrissy Teigen, who once set her own vagina on fire with a dousing of jalapeno juice, has made a promise to the world to stop using photo-editing apps. The decision comes after recently posting a photo to Instagram where she showed off her inner thigh stretch marks and reminded us average citizens that no one—not even… »4/25/15 7:30pm4/25/15 7:30pm