Saturday Night Social: Party Like Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara really knows how to celebrate her birthday. The actress, who just turned 43, shared photos of the celebration on Instagram including some of her presents. First of all, someone gave her a t-shirt of her fiancé Joe Manganiello, Photoshopped as a shirtless centaur. I hope Joe was the one that gave it… » 7/11/15 7:00pm 7/11/15 7:00pm

Saturday Night Social: Don't Be Negative, Just Be Positive

If you recall the 1992 classic Untamed Heart which starred Christian Slater as a shy busboy with a baboon heart and Marisa Tomei as the waitress who falls in love with him, you may also remember Rosie Perez playing a fellow waitress and Tomei’s best friend. There was a scene where Perez was dancing and cleaning a… » 6/13/15 7:45pm 6/13/15 7:45pm

Saturday Night Social: This Hair is Filled With Secrets

The Aquanet gods are smiling down on us. This wild weave that’s making the rounds at the Cannes Film Festival belongs to a Russian television personality named Elena Lenina. Julianne already mentioned its magnificence, but I had to get a closer look. Just imagine all the secrets of Cannes she holds in that glorious… » 5/16/15 7:30pm 5/16/15 7:30pm

Saturday Night Social: Chrissy Teigen Will Stop Editing Her Pics

Chrissy Teigen, who once set her own vagina on fire with a dousing of jalapeno juice, has made a promise to the world to stop using photo-editing apps. The decision comes after recently posting a photo to Instagram where she showed off her inner thigh stretch marks and reminded us average citizens that no one—not even… » 4/25/15 7:30pm 4/25/15 7:30pm