Saturday Night Social: Snoop Dogg Has His Own Line of Weed Products 

Weed lovers, rejoice. Snoop Dogg has finally launched his own line of weed products called Leafs by Snoop. Along with 8 different strains of flower, there’s an edibles section called “Dogg Treats,” because, well, of course there is! It has gummies, fruit chews, peanut butter gems and fancy-looking artisan chocolate.… »11/14/15 7:00pm11/14/15 7:00pm

Saturday Night Social: How Much Halloween Candy Can You Really Eat?

Happy Halloween everyone! Whether you’ll be off to run amok in the streets during this spooky night or at home watching scary movies and drinking pumpkin beer, enjoy this frightening story from Uproxx of one man and his quest to eat 12 pounds of Halloween candy, from Jezebel’s very own Mark Shrayber. »10/31/15 7:00pm10/31/15 7:00pm

Saturday Night Social: Fergus, the Acid-Attacked Dog, Gets a New Home

Grab some tissues because this SNS is going to make your eyes sweat. This past August, a golden retriever named Fergus was one of the first known victims in a series of acid attacks against dogs. He endured several surgeries for a third-degree burn along his back. The good news is, Fergus is doing well in his recovery… »10/03/15 7:00pm10/03/15 7:00pm