'Live From New York, a Racist Piece of Shit!': Protesters Greet Donald Trump Outside Saturday Night Live 

Late Saturday night, enlarged pee-spattered Sno-Cone and presidential candidate Donald Trump will take the stage to host Saturday Night Live. Protesters from a coalition of Latino groups gathered outside the Trump Tower this evening and marched south to 30 Rockefeller Center to express their displeasure, some carrying… »11/07/15 10:47pm11/07/15 10:47pm

Saturday Night Live Has Dealt With Trump-Level Backlash Before. It Didn't End Well.

A number of well-respected Latino organizations aren’t that pleased that “Crafty Mexican Immigrants are Rapists and Criminals” Donald Trump will be hosting this week’s Saturday Night Live. They’re protesting outside Rockefeller Center and delivering a petition calling for the show to “Dump Trump.” They won’t get their… »11/06/15 11:30am11/06/15 11:30am

NBC Ignores Protesters Calling for Them to Dump Donald Trump as Saturday Night Live Host 

A broad coalition of Latino groups delivered a petition with thousands of signatures to NBC’s headquarters at 30 Rock last night, calling on them to remove Donald Trump as this host of Saturday Night Live. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is also pissed, as is a group promising $5,000 to anyone in the SNL audience… »11/05/15 8:52am11/05/15 8:52am

NBC Was Just Kidding About Severing Ties With Trump, Welcomes Their Good Boy Back 

Donald Trump has made a name for himself building ugly buildings and saying vile words. His persona is basic, crude, and unappealing, and perhaps because his is such a brightly burning trash fire, he has earned the right to speak without the threat of punishment—his ratings are so high that media outlets actually… »10/19/15 3:31pm10/19/15 3:31pm

On SNL, Tracy Morgan Recreates 30 Rock and Larry David Does a Perfect Bernie Sanders Impression

When Tracy Morgan stepped out a stage to host last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, he knew viewers would have questions. Critically injured in a car accident nearly 16 months ago, the SNL appearance was a kind of announcement that he was ready to return to work. “People were wondering: Can he speak? Does he… »10/18/15 11:15am10/18/15 11:15am

Amy Schumer Hosted SNL, Parodied Gun Enthusiasts and Planned Parenthood Videos 

Amy Schumer finally took her turn as the host of Saturday Night Live and, as typical of the show, it was uneven, but Schumer worked hard to get laughs. The sketches proper were a bit weak, but Schumer’s opening monologue, a fake ad for guns, and the cold open, a Fox and Friends parody that included the Planned… »10/11/15 11:15am10/11/15 11:15am

Studies in Likeability: Hillary Clinton Will Appear on Saturday Night Live

The New York Times reports that Hillary Clinton will make an appearance on tomorrow’s season premiere of Saturday Night Live. Though Clinton’s camp wouldn’t confirm the appearance, it looks like she will appear alongside Kate McKinnon who has been deftly portraying the Democratic candidate throughout the last year. »10/03/15 3:00pm10/03/15 3:00pm

Wily Jeopardy! Contestant Gets Alex Trebek to Say 'Turd Ferguson'

It’s always been unclear whether Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek is at all amused by the long-running Saturday Night Live sketches about his show, the ones that depict him near the point of tears or a dangerous fit of rage when dealing with the dumbest celebrity contestants in the world. Judging by Wednesday night, though,… »9/17/15 10:40am9/17/15 10:40am

Kate McKinnon Perfectly Mocks Justin Bieber's Swag in SNL Outtakes

Justin Bieber’s sensual Calvin Klein ads were destined to be spoofed, and Kate McKinnon—who was most likely Justin Bieber in another lifetime—was the perfect person to do it. In these outtakes from her original Saturday Night Live skit, McKinnon plays the drums dressed as the boy wonder and saunters around in CK… »8/18/15 2:15pm8/18/15 2:15pm

SNL Writer Paula Pell Is Developing a New Comedy for HBO

Paula Pell, the woman behind some of your favorite Saturday Night Live sketches, is creating a new half-hour comedy series for HBO. The as-yet-to-be-titled series will be about a “fallen Olympic figure skater who returns home to Massachusetts to confront her former bullish coach and narcissistic mother who have cashed… »7/28/15 8:45pm7/28/15 8:45pm

Rihanna Sings 'Bitch Better Have My Money' on Saturday Night Live

Last night’s season finale of Saturday Night Live saw host Louis C.K. deliver a controversial monologue about his “mildly racist” attitudes and your “neighborhood pedophile.” Kate McKinnon rolled out her Hillary Clinton impression and Taran Killam skewered Tom Brady and the ridiculously named “Deflategate.” But the… »5/17/15 1:00pm5/17/15 1:00pm