I know people don't really do this any more...

...but when I was in high school in the early 2000s, I knew quite a few girls who would proudly say, "I'm such a Carrie!" Re-watching old Sex and the City episodes on HBO (I can't do the censored ones on E!), I was struck again by how annoying Carrie is and how I can't understand how people, even teenage girls,… » 1/15/14 9:56pm 1/15/14 9:56pm

Samantha Jones Has Officially Penetrated The Carrie Diaries

Samantha Jones has made her first appearance on The Carrie Diaries! It was announced back in July that Lindsay Gort would be joining the cast as the baby version New York City's punniest, most unshamable slut (that's highest compliment I can give, by the way) and here she is — tiger crop tops, big hair, cock jokes… » 10/28/13 12:10pm 10/28/13 12:10pm

The @SATC3quel Account Nails Carrie’s Voice Over

One of the biggest problems with Sex and the City 2 was that it sucked. It contained a single good Lawrence of my labia joke, went on for more than two hours (146 minutes, to be more precise), and invented unnecessary drama so its characters could rehash old plot points that were handled during the series. Nobody… » 9/29/13 1:00pm 9/29/13 1:00pm

How Carrie Bradshaw Eradicated Pubic Lice All By Herself

Crafting press releases is difficult, thankless work that often relies on flimsy pop culture references or outrageous sensationalism to grab attention. In the case of a recent press release from the British Association of Dermatologists suggesting that Carrie Bradshaw’s adventures in pube grooming have all but made… » 7/07/13 2:00pm 7/07/13 2:00pm

The First Official Look at Our New Carrie Bradshaw in Action

Here it is: the first official photo of AnnaSophia Robb all dressed up as young Carrie Bradshaw for the Sex and the City prequel, The Carrie Diaries, which will soon be coming to the CW for our entertainment and/or torture. She's certainly got the beginnings of Carrie's wild hair and her penchant for high heels, but… » 3/25/12 9:45pm 3/25/12 9:45pm

Blake Lively May Be The Next Carrie Bradshaw, And SATC May Never Die

SATC Replica Closet Costs $175,000 And A Piece Of Your Soul

A Long Island man hired SATC designers Lydia Marks and Lisa Frantz to recreate Carrie Bradshaw's closet for his wife. She says, "They made my dream come true." And yet our nightmare soldiers on. » 1/24/11 3:34pm 1/24/11 3:34pm

Third Horseman of the Apocalypse To Take The Form Of Another Sex And…

Kristin Davis hinted that cast members are open to filming another installment of the series. At this point, though, isn't it kind of just a shitty version of The Golden Girls? » 11/28/10 12:18pm 11/28/10 12:18pm

Today In SATC2: Markets, Money, And Hormones — Oh My!

Good news: SATC2 is kicking ass in the foreign box office. Bad news: Medical professionals are concerned because Samantha, a breast cancer survivor, is on hormone therapy — a treatment which increases the chance of the cancer's recurrence. [Wrap, CNN] » 6/07/10 11:20am 6/07/10 11:20am

Brave Souls Come To SATC2's Defense

You know what? We're just going to keep going with this SATC2 thing. Because it combines sex, shoes, and pink cocktails, and those are the only things we ladyfolk can talk about! Today, however, we'll stop the hate. » 6/04/10 3:30pm 6/04/10 3:30pm

The Lobby For Abu Dhabi: An Essay By Carrie Bradshaw

Recently, Ms. Bradshaw traveled to the Emirates for a glamorous vacation with a few pals. Here, she recounts her thoughts about her time in Abu Dhabi. » 6/03/10 1:30pm 6/03/10 1:30pm

SATC3: Only Kristin Davis Can Stop It!

Today's obligatory SATC item, filed under disputed rumors we like: If there's a third installment of the movie, Davis will only participate if she gets more screen time. Which means she could put a stop to things. Fingers crossed. [DailyExpress] » 6/02/10 12:20pm 6/02/10 12:20pm

Why SATC2 Never Stood A Chance

Sex and the City 2 simply wasn't going to win. When it comes to having a big-opening weekend, it was doomed even before the dismal reviews started pouring in. Here's why. » 6/01/10 3:30pm 6/01/10 3:30pm

Math: Women Of SATC Had 115 Million Indirect Sexual Partners

An intensive "study" by Britain's Lloyd's Pharmacy to promote STD awareness reveals the SATC ladies slept with 94 people on the TV series, meaning they had 115 million indirect sexual partners. Remember: Always use protection when bedding fictional characters. [Sun] » 6/01/10 10:20am 6/01/10 10:20am

Sex And The City 2 Is Just A Living, Breathing Catalog

OMG! The fashion! The real fashion! And the "inspired by" fashion! Glitter-dusted gold pumps! The famous white Halston Heritage dress! As Stephanie Rosenbloom writes in the NY Times: » 5/20/10 2:30pm 5/20/10 2:30pm

Inside The Minds Of Men Watching Sex & The City

This video reveals what men really think while watching the SATC 2: Rise of the Manolos trailer: basically, it's not that different than what you're thinking. Well, except for the blow job thing. [Mediabistro] » 5/19/10 2:30pm 5/19/10 2:30pm


Sex and the City 2 doesn't open until the end of May, but advance ticket sales for the completely gratuitous camel-and-cosmo-filled extravaganza are already "brisk," according to a distribution exec at Warner Brothers. [THR] » 4/20/10 12:20pm 4/20/10 12:20pm

Chevy Builds Car For Carrie & Co.

Chevrolet recently redesigned the Equinox to include some "female-friendly" tweaks. In today's pink-it-and-shrink-it world, what, exactly, does this mean? » 4/19/10 11:00am 4/19/10 11:00am