Football Coach Who Wouldn't Stop Game Prayers Put on Leave, Possibly to Avoid Praying Satanists 

Joe Kennedy, the coach of a Washington state high school football team, has been placed on leave after he wouldn’t stop praying at games. The school district says it’s to avoid liability, which is probably true. It’s convenient timing, too, considering that the Satanic Temple has begun demanding to be allowed to… »10/29/15 6:00pm10/29/15 6:00pm


Kirk Cameron Will Have You Know Halloween Is a Christian Holiday

Kirk Cameron recently popped by my favorite Internet publication, the Christian Post (it's like HuffPo mated with a church newsletter!), for a little chat about his upcoming motion picture release, Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas. And he had a message for you believers: Halloween is totally OK to celebrate, because… »10/21/14 6:30pm10/21/14 6:30pm

Lena Dunham's Pro-Obama Ad Brought to You by Russia & Satan, Says Minnesota Republican

Lena Dunham's pro-doin' it with Obama (voting that is!) ad has made me fall a little bit in love with her and conservatives shoot a little bit of irate steam out of their ears. But no GOP'er freaked out more hilariously than Minnesota Republican party deputy chair Kelly Fenton, who reminded us today that Dunham's ad… »10/27/12 3:00pm10/27/12 3:00pm

Meet the Charlie's Angels of Exorcism (and Probably Fraud)

Bad news. Chances are that you have a demon inside of you. I know you thought that you were an autonomous being making your decisions through either reasoning or impulse, but you are wrong. There is a bit of the devil inside you and he controls everything you do apart from wearing pastels and reading The Family Circus »4/05/12 11:50am4/05/12 11:50am

Teen Exorcists Shopping Reality Show Can't Possibly Be Faking

A trio of teens say they're such seasoned exorcists that they're able to tell just by looking at someone whether or not the devil resides within. Their reverend mentor says they've exorcised scores of people in their young lives. I say that watching them explain all of this to Anderson Cooper is like a Mean Girls »2/29/12 7:45pm2/29/12 7:45pm