Cosmo Celebrates Women of SNL by Dressing Them in Expensive Pajamas

This month's issue of Cosmopolitan devotes a sizable amount of ink to Q&A's with the women of SNL, complete with a photo spread of the comedians at a fake girly slumber party wearing girly pjs that cost more than most semi-successful comedians get paid to headline a half hour set. As with everything of or related to… »4/09/14 5:00pm4/09/14 5:00pm

SNL's Sasheer Zamata Goes All Peggy Olson in Black Mad Men

There are plenty of good things to say about Mad Men, but unfortunately "diverse cast and story lines that represent a multitude of backgrounds" isn't one of them. To make up for the imbalance, Key & Peele writer (and very nice-seeming person who coached my improv team once about three years ago) Phil Augusta Jackson… »3/03/14 6:30pm3/03/14 6:30pm

Enjoy a Brooklyn Girls Tour with Sasheer Zamata

Sasheer Zamata, SNL’s newest cast member, is still releasing fresh YouTube material despite her coveted new TV contract. Here the comedienne plays a young woman named Madison who has begun a career of being a Girls tour guide, shuttling fans of the HBO show around Brooklyn hot spots like Cafe Grumpy. As Madison tells… »1/20/14 4:45pm1/20/14 4:45pm

Sasheer Zamata Debuts on SNL with a Rihanna/Blossom Impression

Last night's return episode of SNL featured the newest cast member, totally normal regular everyday SNL hire Sasheer Zamata, formerly of the Upright Citizens Brigade. As with all brand new cast members who might not be prepared not to say "fuck" on live television, Zamata played a limited role on the show, her most… »1/19/14 12:30pm1/19/14 12:30pm