Sasha Grey Is Not a Murdered Battle Nurse in the Ukraine

Former porn star Sasha Grey would just like to make sure we're all clear on the fact that she's not dead. Contrary to the reports of some dicey-looking Internet memes, she also wasn't working as a nurse for the Russian Army, and has never—not even once—been captured by Ukrainian soldiers and then brutally murdered.… »2/18/15 4:30pm2/18/15 4:30pm


Sasha Grey Sends Mixed Messages in 'Equal Pay Day' PSA

23-year-old ex-porn star Sasha Grey is the face of Belgium's Equal Pay Day, the country's worthwhile and certainly well-meaning movement (we have our own, too, on April 12th) that seeks to close the 22% wage gap between men and women. But the campaign's PSA sends mixed messages about women and the porn industry,… »3/12/12 4:20pm3/12/12 4:20pm

The National Education Association Rejects Sasha Grey's Dirty Sexy Money

She was dragged through the mud back in November when she had the audacity to promote literacy in elementary schools, and now former adult star Sasha Grey is on trial once again thanks to a porn company who is trying to donate money to the program on her behalf. Leaving the industry last April, Assence Films are… »2/08/12 9:00am2/08/12 9:00am

Former Porn Star Sasha Grey Reads To Kids, Pearl-Clutchers Require Smelling Salts

She wasn't doing it naked surrounded by 10 aroused guys, but nevertheless Sasha Grey has found herself at the center of an hysterical storm after parents of Emerson Elementary School in Compton complained that the former porn star was reading to first and third graders as part of Read Across America. Tweeting that she… »11/11/11 9:00am11/11/11 9:00am