Sarah Palin Is Still Important and Relevant, Says Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has released an ad to encourage people to become involved in her political action committee the SarahPAC and — oh, boy — is it ever Sarah Palin-y. Not only is it called "Loaded for Bear," but it also rambles on and on, sort of talking about the dangers of politicians and the Big Bad Media all while, as… »3/28/13 1:10pm3/28/13 1:10pm

People Still Donating Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to Sarah Palin, For Some Reason

Sarah Palin's creatively named "Sarah PAC" has spent $774,000 in the third quarter of this year and taken in more than $800,000, ostensibly from an invisible class people that have tons of disposable income and somehow lack any goddamn sense. So what's the former Governor of Alaska cum professional shouting machine… »10/15/12 4:35pm10/15/12 4:35pm