Sarah Vowell, Jon Stewart, And The Freedom Of The Bowl Haircut

It's pretty much standard operating procedure for male talk show hosts to compliment female guests on their looks. But in his interview with Sarah Vowell last night, Jon Stewart took another tack — and it was pretty adorable. » 10/06/09 12:40pm 10/06/09 12:40pm

Uber-Smart, "Pint-Sized" Politico Completely Unimpressed By Today Show…

Earlier this morning, Today invited Molly O'Hare - a kid cross between Sarah Vowell and Doris Kearns Goodwin? - to demonstrate her memorization skills and knowledge of American presidential history. She was full of win. » 4/13/09 10:00am 4/13/09 10:00am

"Double Annoying" Sarah Vowell Loves "The Pill"

Pint-sized writer Sarah Vowell was on L.A's KCRW on Wednesday talking about her love for Loretta Lynn. Vowell grew up in a Pentecostal household, so she wasn't allowed to listen to Satan's minions, Kiss. » 12/19/08 2:00pm 12/19/08 2:00pm

This Week Things Got Ugly Up In Here

Sarah Vowell Slams Republicans For Being Frenemies With New York City

NPR darling and essayist Sarah Vowell was on the Daily Show » 10/08/08 11:00am 10/08/08 11:00am last night and the Oklahoma-born Montana State grad had a bone to pick with Republicans who have been Palin et. al. pay lip service to New York's bravery in 9/11 and then call us "elite" and unpatriotic behind our backs. Underminers! "They wrap themselves in…