Bear Grylls's New Dudes-Only Show Has Female Survivalists Pissed

For his next trick, TV personality Bear Grylls plans to strand 12 dudes on a deserted island for a month, as a grand test of modern manhood. But several female survival experts are criticizing the boys' club, suggesting it's stupid and even sexist. » 4/22/14 1:20pm 4/22/14 1:20pm

EC Allegedly Used "Casually" In India • Man Attacks Woman In Ear Salon

• Gynecologists report seeing a spike in young women with menstrual complications resulting from repeat use of OTC emergency contraceptive pills. The Times of India claims the pills are being used "not in emergency but as casual contraception." • » 8/04/09 5:40pm 8/04/09 5:40pm