Joan Didion Thought Franny and Zooey Was a Self-Help Book for Coeds

A reminder: while Franny and Zooey is now considered quite the classic, it wasn't always looked at that way, and one Joan Didion was part of the horde of critics and writers who didn't take to it immediately. » 3/06/15 1:00pm 3/06/15 1:00pm

Nev Schulman Is Probably The Jerk Everyone Says He Is

Catfish producer Nev Schulman's story about a fateful night where he had to "defend himself" by punching a woman is crumbling before his MTV-bankrolled eyes. The woman he assaulted has come forward with her own account of the incident and it's exactly what everyone else is saying—except Nev. » 9/10/14 11:30pm 9/10/14 11:30pm