Oscars Half-Assed 'In Memoriam' Move Placates Angry Fans of Dead Woman

Some of those watching the Oscars on Sunday night had complaints about the In Memoriam segment, which commemorates the lives of those who worked in the industry who died the previous year. There were those who were upset that Cory Monteith wasn't included, and others who remarked that Harold Ramis didn't have a long… » 3/03/14 11:30am 3/03/14 11:30am

Don’t Look Now, but the Bengals Cheerleader Who Had Sex with Her High…

America is quite the place, and though you may sometimes be tempted to dismiss it as a rapacious empire that has historically tried to cloak its yearning for expansion behind democratic good intentions, you really have to admire a place where sweatpants are a legitimate fashion choice, and where a disgraced,… » 10/28/12 11:30am 10/28/12 11:30am

The Dude From TheDirty.com Continues To Lead In Delusional Asshattery

Nik Richie, founder of TheDirty.com, appeared on Anderson Cooper's daytime show this afternoon to argue his case one more time about how he's not doing anything wrong by posting sleazy photos of women on his website. Sarah Jones, the teacher who sued Nik after the site said she had two STDs, was also there to rehash… » 11/10/11 6:25pm 11/10/11 6:25pm