Phantom of the Opera Star Sarah Brightman Is Going to Outer Space

Good gravy, have I got some news for you: Soprano Sarah Brightman, a.k.a. the original Christine from Phantom of the Opera and the former Mrs. Andrew Lloyd Weber, is going to outer space. What next? Is Michael Crawford planning to journey to the center of the Earth? Whatever—Sarah Brightman for Queen of Space! »1/16/15 9:50am1/16/15 9:50am


British Soprano Sarah Brightman Is Taking Her Act to Space

You can add one more name to the list of celebrities who are indulging in the ultimate cosmic Treat Yo' Self. British soprano/musical staple Sarah Brightman is the most recent famous person to use her enormous wealth to launch herself into outer space. Brightman — having dreamt of going to space since she was a… »10/10/12 11:25pm10/10/12 11:25pm