Great News, Citizens of Lesbos! Two New Sappho Poems Found

Attention, luxuriant Graces and beautiful-haired Muses! Scholars have confirmed that they've found two heretofore undiscovered poems by the 7th-century-BC master Sappho. In case you haven't studied your Classics (and/or you never had that one asshole cousin who snorted "LOL UR FROM LESBOS" at every opportunity),… » 1/30/14 7:45pm 1/30/14 7:45pm

Gays Win The Right To Remain 'Lesbians' • Depressed Women Get A Lift…

Lesbians, rejoice! A Greek court has dismissed the request of three residents from the island of Lesbos to ban the use of the word "lesbian" to describe gay women. • A dying 8-year-old boy "married" his "special friend" in a make-believe ceremony a day before he passed away from leukemia. • A male letter carrier from… » 7/22/08 5:20pm 7/22/08 5:20pm

Teen Prom: Grotesque Gowns & Girl-On-Girl Action

The new issue of Teen Prom has Kristin Cavallari on the cover and a gaggle of wretched dresses inside. The most interesting thing about the ads in the magazine? How extremely touchy-feely the female models have been directed to pose with each other. Some ads have male "prom dates" for the girls to stand with, but… » 1/15/08 4:00pm 1/15/08 4:00pm