Woman Gets Her Engagement Ring Back 36 Years After It Fell Into A Toilet

It's not often you hear a romantic story that involves a toilet, but here goes! A couple in Montana, Donna and Terry Claver, recently got the surprise of a lifetime when their engagement ring came back to them — almost by magic — 36 years after it went missing and was presumed dead. The drama began when Donna took… » 12/30/11 4:30pm 12/30/11 4:30pm

Sapphire Sells Sequel To Precious

Penguin Press has bought Sapphire's sequel to Push and plans to release the novel next summer. The Kid focuses on Precious' son "as he approaches manhood - alone, brutalized and with the soul of an artist." » 11/12/10 2:31pm 11/12/10 2:31pm

Madonna Fronts For D&G; Grace Coddington Discusses Lady Gaga's Pubic…

Author Sapphire Responds To Precious Criticism

On the reception to Precious: "Some blacks have criticized Sapphire for focusing on black family dysfunction. She replies, "If you're upset, then ask, 'Why does this happen? What can I do?' Not say, 'Bring back the Cosby family.'" [USA Today] » 12/10/09 12:30pm 12/10/09 12:30pm

Precious: "Fairy Tale" Or Film With "As Much Redeeming Social Value As…

The reactions to Lee Daniels' Precious keep coming, and the results are as varied as the writers. How can one film reinforce pathology, provide a fairy-tale ending, and upend the traditional stories of how women move up in the world? » 11/18/09 3:20pm 11/18/09 3:20pm

Long Day's Journey Into Night: Reading Push, Watching Precious

Reading review after review of both Precious and Push, same words keep emerging: "bleak," "pathology," "devastating," and "stereotypes." However, after reading Push and seeing the much buzzed-about film adaptation, I discovered something slightly unexpected: a preponderance of hope. » 11/06/09 12:00pm 11/06/09 12:00pm

This Event? Totally Precious

It must be a relief for celebs to attend a screening they feel good about. Maybe that's why there was such an amazing turnout for Precious at Grauman's Chinese Theatre: Mariah, Paula, Mary J., Star, Sherri, and, yes, Oprah herself. » 11/02/09 10:30am 11/02/09 10:30am

My Precious

"Believe it, bitches...As far as I'm concerned, Mo'Nique could take Meryl Streep in an Oscar bar fight one-handed - and clean the floor with her." -Entertainment writer Dana Kennedy, reporting on Precious from Cannes. [HuffPo] » 5/15/09 11:20am 5/15/09 11:20am