This Week We Discovered Shoving Garlic Up Our Hoohas Was Srsly "Uncool"

  • Picture it: the Jezebel nursing home, the year 2068. We'll turn on our headchips to watch the disembodied skull of Oprah host her show, and Jennifer Aniston, having been cryogenically frozen, will have been unfrozen just to make an appearance. Oprah will still ask Jen how she feels about Angelina Jolie and Jen will…
  • »11/14/08 6:00pm11/14/08 6:00pm

Hello Kitty & Random Celebs Get Catty At Sanrio Luxe Store Opening

Last night, there was an opening party for the new Sanrio Luxe store, in New York City's Times Square. In attendance: Lisa Loeb, Heatherette designer Richie Rich, noted socialite Tinsley Mortimer, drag legend Lady Bunny… And Hello Kitty herself, wearing a gorgeous kimono! On display were all of the items one will be… »11/12/08 3:40pm11/12/08 3:40pm

Fashion Designers Continue To Be Full Of Political Opinions

  • Only one more day of having to listen to designers opine about politics! Marc Jacobs' L.A. windows are "set up with the Republicans menacingly on one side (with a particularly freaky-looking W) and brightly dressed Obama voters/supporters on the other. There's also a gun-toting Palin with a letter posted next to her…
  • »11/04/08 11:30am11/04/08 11:30am

Hello Kitty "Vibrator" Makes A Comeback; But Will It Make You Come?

About 10 years ago, a licensee created a Hello Kitty shoulder massager that eventually made its way into sex toy shops — as most "massagers" do — like Babeland, where it became a bestseller. A few years later, the item was discontinued, but yesterday, the New York Times reported that Sanrio has reintroduced the… »12/03/07 1:30pm12/03/07 1:30pm