Dottie Sandusky Is Defensive and Delusional in Emotional TV Interview

In a 50 minute interview with Matt Lauer that aired on Today Wednesday morning, Jerry Sandusky's wife Dottie vigorously defended her husband, describing in detail how his conviction has changed their lives and repeating numerous times that they are not lying about his innocence. "He would have admitted to this if he… »3/12/14 3:30pm3/12/14 3:30pm


Penn State Doles Out Almost $60 Million to Sandusky Abuse Victims

On Monday, Penn State University announced that it would awarding $59.7 million to 26 men who were abused by Jerry Sandusky, a settlement that came after a year of negotiating. The Sandusky scandal has been an expensive one for the college; that nearly $60 million is in addition to more than $50 million they've spent… »10/28/13 4:20pm10/28/13 4:20pm

Why Don't We Know More About The 24-Year-Old Reporter Who Exposed the Penn State Scandal?

Most reporters who break legendary, life-changing stories get movies made in their honor, or at least a little personal attention and recognition, especially in this era of personal branding. So it's shocking to me that it took a Glamour profile to introduce me to Sara Ganim, the reporter who broke the Penn State sex… »3/02/12 3:00pm3/02/12 3:00pm

How Much Did Dottie Sandusky Know About Her Husband's Alleged Crimes?

Fallout from the case of Jerry Sandusky, the disgraced former Penn State defensive coordinator who stands accused of sexually abusing several boys he met through his charity, has extended to the upper reaches of Penn State University. Head football coach Joe Paterno and University President Graham Spanier's jobs were… »12/27/11 6:45pm12/27/11 6:45pm

Sandusky Lawsuit Alleges Coach Has Been Abusing Boys For More Than 30 Years

If you thought that the case of disgraced former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky couldn't get any more stomach churning, think again. A lawsuit filed by one of Sandusky's alleged victims claims that founder of The Second Mile charity abused the boy more than 100 times and threatened the boy's family into… »11/30/11 6:30pm11/30/11 6:30pm

Alleged Sandusky Victim Forced Out Of School Due To Bullying

Another layer of the putrid, rotten onion that is the Penn State sex abuse scandal has been revealed: "Victim One," the first alleged victim of former coach Jerry Sandusky, was recently forced to leave his high school during his senior year because he couldn't endure any more bullying. The 17-year-old's psychologist… »11/22/11 9:40am11/22/11 9:40am